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Julia Bramante 84 Spruce St. Unit 201, Denver, CO, 80230



EDUCATION University of Denver; Denver, CO B.S. Chemistry, American Chemical Society Accredited; Minors: Chinese, Biology, Mathematics (2010- 2014)

East China Normal University; Shanghai, China (Summer 2009) Participated in a three month immersion program in China to study Chinese language and culture.


Cannabis Reference Laboratory, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Laboratory Services Division; Denver, CO (September 2017-present) Laboratory Manager and Lead Scientist, Scientist IV (November 2020-present)

Laboratory Lead Scientist, Scientist III (March 2019-October 2020) Quality Assurance Officer, Scientist I (September 2017-February 2019) 

The Cannabis Reference Laboratory exists to provide a technical resource for private cannabis testing facilities and cannabis product manufacturers. Acting as the source for analytical method development for cannabis concentration, pesticide residues, heavy metals, residual solvents and microbiological contaminant analyses, the laboratory provides technical laboratory information and training to the private laboratory industry, as well as testing methodologies to increase the effectiveness of the state cannabis testing reference library.  Plans, implements, and directs method development and method validation activities and experimentation for cannabis potency, pesticide residues, heavy metals, residual solvents and microbiological contaminant analyses utilizing, but not limited to, LC-MS QTOF, LC-MSMS, GC-FID, GC-MS, ICP-MS, qPCR, MALDI-TOF, sequencing, microscopy, and cultural methodology.  Applies knowledge of quality assurance, accreditation requirements, scientific principles, and analytical skills to continually develop and improve quality and efficiency of the laboratory.  Plans, implements, and directs QA/QC activities to ensure lab testing provides the highest quality analytical results while ensuring compliance with laboratory protocols and accreditation requirements, including ISO 17025. Cannabis Chemistry Subdivision, Division of Chemical Health and Safety of the American Chemical Society (November 2016-present)  Chair (January 2019-present)  Secretary (March 2018-December 2018)  Membership and Social Chair (September 2017-March 2018)  Events Chair (November 2016-September 2017)

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Julia Bramante 84 Spruce St. Unit 201, Denver, CO, 80230



AOAC International Cannabis Analytical Science Program (CASP) (April 2019-present) Microbiological Contaminants Working Group  Chair (April 2019-present)

Cannabinoids Expert Review Panel 

Expert Reviewer (March 2020-present)

Microbial Contaminants Expert Review Panel 

Chair/Expert Reviewer (October 2020-present)

Gobi Analytical; Wheat Ridge, CO (August 2014-September 2017) Laboratory Manager (January 2017-September 2017) Supervisory Analyst (August 2015-December 2016) Chemistry and Microbiology Laboratory Analyst (August 2014-August 2015) 

Gobi Analytical is a state certified cannabis testing laboratory that focuses on the analysis and research of cannabis and cannabis related products through regulatory testing and method development.  Responsible for the overall operation, leadership, and administration of the testing facility in accordance with state regulations governing retail and medical cannabis testing facilities.  Directly assisted the Laboratory Director to conduct new method development and implementation, validations, laboratory certifications, and standard operating procedure writing, tracking, updating, and review.  High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), Gas Chromatography-Flame Ionization Detection (GC-FID), Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS), Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry (LC-MSMS), qPCR, and cultural methodology were used to analyze an array of cannabis matrices for cannabinoid potency, terpene content, residual solvents, pesticide residues, and microbiological contaminants. Developed the website copy for Gobi’s new website, implemented in June of 2016.  Responsible for weekly status meetings and direct communication with the company’s advertising agency to develop all marketing and sales materials such as print-ads, brochures, direct mail posters, and social media content. Research Assistant, Divisions of Infectious Diseases and Clinical Immunology, Anschutz Medical Campus; Aurora, CO (Summer 2011 and 2012)  Identified the blood Natural Killer (NK) cell responses to commensal bacteria in HIV-1 infection compared to healthy donors. Investigated Dendritic cell responses and specific markers on these cell subsets in chronic HIV-1 infected individuals and HIV-1 suppressed individuals.  Performed flow cytometry, ELISA assays, cell culture, blood processing, blood draws, immunohistology fluorescent imaging, and data analysis. Sales and Marketing Lead (November 2015-December 2016) 

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Julia Bramante 84 Spruce St. Unit 201, Denver, CO, 80230



Undergraduate Research Assistant, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Denver; Denver, CO (January 2013-June 2014)  Synthesized hydroxyquinoline carboxylic acid analogs for application to new tuberculosis vaccination and antibiotics.  Performed organic synthesis, proton nuclear magnetic resonance ( 1 H-NMR) spectroscopy operation and data analysis, liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS) operation and analysis, and general chemistry laboratory techniques. Undergraduate Research Assistant, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Denver; Denver, CO (September 2010- September 2012)  Performed cell tissue culture, microscopic imaging, and electron microscope operation and imaging to successfully capture and develop film of microtubule movement and chromosome transformation in mammalian cells during cell division and replication. Student Research Assistant, Department of Infectious Diseases, Case Western Reserve University; Cleveland, OH (Summer 2009 and 2010)  Studied autoimmune disease effects on immune responses from CD56 NK cell subsets in healthy donor blood, as well as rheumatoid factor infected blood.  Performed blood processing (the peripheral blood mononuclear cell isolation and staining) and blood draw, ELISPOT assay analysis, ELISA assay analysis, and isolation of CD56 positive cells by Miltenyi CD56 microbead isolation kit. Assistant to the Coordinator, American Indian Services Coordination, Center for Multicultural Excellence, University of Denver; Denver, CO (September 2012-June 2014)  Worked with the American Indian Services Coordinator to organize university sponsored events relating to American Indian culture and education.  Oversaw and promoted American Indian events at DU and in the greater Denver area.  Led the planning and promotion of the Russell Means Legacy Art Exhibition, an event commemorating Russell Means’ life.


The Cannabis Scientist Power List 2020 •

Top 20 Scientists in Cannabis Analysis

 Distinguished Senior Student 2014, University of Denver  Pioneer Award 2014 Nominee, University of Denver

PUBLICATIONS Dillon SM, Lee EJ, Bramante JM, Barker E, Wilson CC. The Natural Killer Cell Interferon-gamma Response to Bacteria is Diminished in Untreated HIV-1 Infection and Defects Persist Despite Viral Suppression. Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes (1999) . 2014;65(3):259-267.

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Julia Bramante 84 Spruce St. Unit 201, Denver, CO, 80230



PRESENTATIONS Podium: AOAC Midyear Meeting Analytical Solutions Forum, Gaithersburg, MD, USA, 10 Mar 2020. Evolving Cannabis Analysis from a Laboratory and Regulatory Perspective

Podium: Laboratory Products Association Annual Meeting, Napa, CA, USA, 11 Nov 2019. The Evolving Cannabis Industry from the Laboratory Perspective

Poster: 2020 AOAC International Annual Meeting, Denver, CO, USA, 10 Sep 2019. The Complexities of Detecting Pathogens in the Cannabis Matrix

Podium: 2019 Cannabis Science Conference West, Portland, OR, USA, 05 Sep 2019. Detection and Confirmation of Salmonella spp. and Shiga Toxin-Producing E. coli in Cannabis Flower Utilizing Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction and Cultural Methodology Poster: Association of Public Health Laboratories Annual Meeting, St. Louis, MO, USA, 3-6 Jun 2019. Innovation in Pathogen Testing: Molecular Approaches to Traditional Screening Methods that Have Arisen with the Rapidly Growing Cannabis Industry


AOAC International Cannabis Analytical Science Program (CASP) Chemical Contaminants in Cannabis and Hemp Working Group  Contributing Member (April 2019-present)

Cannabinoids in Consumables Working Group 

Contributing Member (April 2019-present)

Colorado Marijuana Science and Policy Work Group  Contributing Member (2018-present)

Colorado Pesticide Method Detection Limit Work Group  Contributing Member (2016-2017)

Colorado Sampling Protocol Work Group  Contributing Member Group (2016-2017)

Colorado Laboratory Council 

Contributing Member (2015-2017)

Native Student Alliance 

Co-President (August 2012-June 2014)

Black Mesa Colorado Caravan 

Contributing Member (September 2012-September 2016)

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Dr GEORGE JOSEPH PhD PO Box 41, Shortland Street, Auckland 1140, New Zealand mobile: +64 21364412; email: george.joseph@asurequality.com


A qualified biochemist with over 25 years of post-doctoral experience in the field of analytical chemistry applications. Presently working as Technical Manager for AsureQuality, a leading New Zealand Government owned enterprise in Auckland, New Zealand. AsureQuality offers world class food safety and biosecurity services to the food and primary production sectors worldwide. As the Chemistry Technical Manager at AsureQuality’s Auckland Laboratory, I am responsible for addressing overall technical matters related to laboratory services and provide strategic directions and support to New Zealand, Australia, Singapore and other Asia Pacific regions on a regular basis. Well experienced in technical applications, standardizing new methods and techniques, implementing safety procedures, establishing manuals for safe handling of chemicals & bio- hazardous materials as per various regulatory guidelines, imparting technical training to team members and key technical personnel, problem resolution, supplier evaluation, maintaining good customer relations, periodically conducting customer visits / meetings / teleconferences, identifying customer requirements and implementing solutions that meets customer needs, increasing profitability for the department and controlling costs. Demonstrated abilities in building healthy relationships with internal and external business partners and leading workforce towards accomplishing department objectives. Good team player and motivator, possessing strong analytical, problem solving and organizational skills.


Science and Technology • Excellent fundamental biochemistry / analytical chemistry knowledge. • Proficient with cGMP procedures and pharmaceutical monographs. • Extensive experience with method development and validation. • Key techniques include but not limited to:

o LC MS/MS, UPLC, HPLC, GC, IC, ICP-MS, UV/Vis and Wet Chemistry Techniques. Chromatographic experience with; silica and reverse phase (including TLC), ion exchange, size exclusion, affinity etc. o Wide range of sample preparation techniques, SPE, Ion Exchange, LLE, SPME, Static Head Space Gas Chromatography.  Critical Thinking/Decision Making/Problem solving • Experience analysing complicated problems and making appropriate, logical decisions. • Multi-disciplinary exposure to extensive scenarios and training provides a novel perspective for finding innovative solutions to problems.

Project Experience • Experience working on multiple, concurrent projects.

• Successful completion of Biotin MLT (AOAC 2016.02) for AOAC International • Experience planning complicated scientific projects involving multiple team members. • Ability to see the big picture and consider problems, solutions and opportunities within a customer focused context.

Data Analysis • Extensive experience with recording, analysing and interpreting complex information.

George Joseph

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Communication • Experience working with customers, trades people, academics and sales/marketing teams. • Experience in the transfer of information to technical and non-technical audiences. • Experience with technical writing and documentation of systems and processes.


 April 2012 to Current: Technical Manager , Chemistry, AsureQuality New Zealand Ltd  June 2009 to February 2012: Scientist / Senior Scientist, AsureQuality New Zealand Ltd  June 2006 to June 2009: Team Leader, cGMP Chemistry, AsureQuality New Zealand Ltd  November 2005 to June 2006: Scientific Analyst, Chemistry, AsureQuality New Zealand Ltd  September 2004 to October 2005: Analyst, Chemistry, AsureQuality New Zealand Ltd  February 2001 to September 2004: Team Leader, SGS New Zealand Ltd.  September 2000 to February 2001: Analyst, SGS New Zealand Ltd.  October 1994 to June 1999: Lecturer, University of Calicut, Kerala, India.  February 1989 to August 1994: Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) Doctoral Research Fellow, Cochin University of Science and Technology, Cochin, Kerala, India.  1994: Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Cochin University of Science and Technology.  1989: Master of Science (MSc), Cochin University of Science and Technology.  2019: Certified by Sciex for SCIEX LC-MS Mass Spectrometry Systems  2019: Certified by PerkinElmer for ICP-MS User Group Meetings  2019: Certified by PerkinElmer for Advanced ICP-MS Techniques.  2019: Certified by PerkinElmer for Introduction to ICP-MS Techniques  2013: Certified by The University of Auckland for Lean Engagement.  2013: Certified by United Chemical Technologies, Inc; USA for Solid Phase Extraction.  2010: Certified by Varian Inc; USA for Solid Phase Extraction.  2007: Certified by Quality Environmental Consulting Ltd for Approved Handler, HSNO Act.  2006: Certified by IANZ for Signatory 2.70 for Instrumental Techniques (GC and LC).  2006: Certified by Shimadzu Corp. for GC-MS/MS Advanced Skills.  2006: Certified by Power of Integrity Ltd for Leadership Skills.  2005: Certified by New Zealand Food Safety Authority for Laboratory Signatory.  2005: Certified by International Accreditation New Zealand (IANZ) for Laboratory Signatory.  2005: Certified by Performance Management Services for Executive Training (Presenting).  2004: Certified by Grafton Consulting Group for Management Training on People Skills.  2003: Certified by BWA Group for Health and Safety in Employment.  2002: Certified by Chromatography Group of NZ Institute of Chemistry for HPLC skills. RECONGNITIONS  2018: Fellow of AOAC International  2017: AOAC International, Official Methods Board (OMB) Award for Achievement in Technical and Scientific Excellence.  2017: AOAC International, Stakeholder Panel on Strategic Food Analytical Methods (SPSFAM), Expert Review Panel of the Year  2016: AOAC International, Official Methods Board (OMB) Award for Achievement in Technical and Scientific Excellence.  2016: AOAC International, Stakeholder Panel on Infant Formula and Adult Nutritionals (SPIFAN), Expert Review Panel of the Year. ACADEMIC HISTORY / TRAINING

 2016: AsureQuality New Zealand, Special CEO Award.  2011: AsureQuality New Zealand, Excellence Award.

George Joseph

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 2005: AsureQuality New Zealand, Technical Excellence Award.


 2019: Counsellor, Food Standard Professional Committee, The China Society of Inspection and Quarantine (CSIQ).  2018: Member, SCIEX Innovation Advisory Board  2018: Study Director, ISO TC 34/WG 14 Project 23305 for biotin  2017: Member, AOACI - INCA Strategy Group to introduce SPIFAN methods to CODEX Alimentarius Commission.  2016: Study Director, MLT for AOAC Official Method 2016.02 for biotin.  2015: Technical Advisory Group Member, Global Proficiency, New Zealand.  2014: Member, Standards New Zealand, New Zealand International Review Group (IRG) for ISO / IDF Technical Committee 34, Working Group 14 for vitamins and other nutrients.  2014: Working Group Chair, AOAC International SPIFAN biotin (AOAC 2016.02) study.  2011: Technical Advisor, Proficiency Testing Australia.  2011: Member, AOAC International.  Stakeholder Panel Member, AOAC International SPIFAN, SPDS and SPSFAM activities.  Member, AOAC International Working Groups (WG) for a range of SPIFAN, SPDS, SPSFAM methods.  Member, AOAC International Expert Review Panels (ERP) for a range of SPIFAN, SPDS, SPSFAM methods.  Joseph, G et al (2019): Determination of total proteinogenic amino acids and taurine by pre- column derivatisation and UHPLC: Single Laboratory Validation, First Action 2019.09 (in press).  Joseph, G et al (2017): Determination of Total Biotin by Liquid Chromatography Coupled with Immunoaffinity Column Cleanup Extraction: Multilaboratory Testing, Final Action 2016.02. Journal of AOAC International Volume 101, No.3, 2018.  Joseph G; Marley, E; Leeman, D; Bevis, S (2017): Determination of biotin by HPLC-UV Coupled with Immunoaffinity Column Cleanup; Results of MLT study Utilizing AOAC First Action Official Method 2016.02. Poster Presentation, AOAC Annual Conference, Atlanta Marriott Marquis, September 24-27, 2017.  Joseph, G (2017) Analytical Methods for Nutritional Formula – an overview of SPIFAN approach; Speaker, NZIFST Annual Conference, Wednesday 05 July 2017.  Joseph, G; Devi, R; Marley, E.C; Leeman, D (2016) Determination of Biotin by Liquid Chromatography Coupled with Immunoaffinity Column Cleanup Extraction: Single Laboratory Validation, First Action 2016.02. Journal of AOAC International Volume 99, No.4, 2016.  Joseph, G (2015) Determination of Sodium monofluoroacetate in dairy powders by LC-MS/MS First Action 2015.02; Journal of AOAC International Volume 98, No.3, 2015.  Joseph, G (2012) Components of data quality in research with special reference to liquid and gas chromatography; School of Marine Sciences, Cochin University of Science and Technology, Cochin 682016 (Scholastic Lecture, 06 January 2012).  PHAMA (Pacific Horticultural and Agriculture Market Access Program)- special report on Solomon Islands. PUBLICATIONS

George Joseph

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 Joseph, G; Thomas, P (2005) Trans Fatty Acids in Australian and New Zealand Foods with special reference to Nutritional Labelling: Proceedings of Seventh Oceania Foods Conference, Wellington, New Zealand.  Joseph G and Damodaran R (1999) The intracellular fluid isosmotic regulation in yellow clam Sunetta scripta L acclimated to different salinities: Indian Journal of Marine Sciences Volume 28, March 1999.  Francis MS; Philip B and Joseph G (1996) Extraction of a copper abundant metallothionein from Synechocystis salina Wislouch: International Symposium on Cyanobacterial Biotechnology.


Available on request

George Joseph

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Level 1, 7A Pacific Rise, Mt Wellington Private Bag 14946, Panmure Auckland 1741, New Zealand

T 64 9 573 8000 F 64 9 573 8001 W www.asurequality.com

13 April 2018

To Whom It May Concern

Letter of recommendation to AOAC Official Methods Board for Dr George Joseph

Dr George Joseph is AsureQuality’s Chemistry Technical Manager and has extensive expertise in Nutritional testing, method development, method assessment and optimisation as well as method validations. George has been a loyal and passionate member of AOAC for the last 7 years, and has worked on various AOAC and International activities. Examples include SPIFAN, SPDS, SPSFAM and the New Zealand International Review Group (IRG) for ISO / IDF Technical Committee 34, Working Group 14 (TC 34 / WG 14) for vitamins and other nutrients.

It therefore seems to be a natural progression and I have great pleasure to recommend George Joseph to the Official Methods Board (OMB) with AOAC International.

As AsureQuality’s Chemistry Technical Manager, George has always distinguished himself by his indelible dedication to Chemistry and his relentless search for excellence. He has an exemplary work ethic, which drives dependable and reliable outcomes. Along with his undeniable talent, George has always been an absolute joy to work with. He is a true team player, and always manages to foster positive discussions and bring the best out of technical forums. I confidently recommend George to join OMB team at AOAC International. As a very dedicated and knowledgeable person, I know that he will be a very valuable addition to this activity.

Please feel free to contact me should you like to discuss it further. I would be happy to expand on my recommendation.

Yours sincerely,

Brian Watson - Group Manager Laboratories

Global Experts in Food Assurance www.asurequality.com

Fonterra Research & Development Centre

Private Bag 11029, Palmerston North 4442, New Zealand

Dairy Farm Road, Palmerston North,

t +64 6 350 4649, f +64 6 356 1476


10 th April 2018

To whom it may concern

Re: Letter of recommendation to AOAC Official Methods Board for Dr George Joseph

I have known and worked with Dr Joseph for more than 10 years. He has consistently shown himself to be a highly competent analytical chemist with a broad range of skills and experience. He has contributed strongly to the AOAC SPIFAN process in both method development, submission and review. With this in mind and as a long standing member of AOAC myself I’d like to recommend him for membership on the AOAC Official Methods Board.

Your sincerely

Steve Holroyd Technical Manager – Data and Information Sciences

Fonterra Co-operative Group Limited Steve.holroyd@fonterra.com direct +646 350 6562, mobile +64 21 809 720 Fonterra Research & Development Centre, Private Bag 1129, Palmerston North, New Zealand www.fonterra.com

Brooke Roman, M.S. Work Address: 620 Lesher Place Lansing, MI 48912 Phone: 517-372-9200 E-mail: Broman@neogen.com

Experience Director, NEOGEN Corporation

June 2019 - Present

Research & Development, Validations • Responsible for global food safety validations for NEOGEN corporation • Oversight of three validation laboratories, two in the US and one in Europe (manage team of 15 scientists) • Drive global harmonization efforts and continuous process improvements • Strategic planning for department and management of $1.6 million budget (FY21) • Black belt in innovation – co-founder of NIRD (Neogen Innovation & Research Driver), lead various innovation sprints amongst all NEOGEN departments, co-teach Green and Blue belt courses • Ensure corporate coverage for involvement in approval body working groups and initiatives • AOAC Analytical Solutions Forum Steering Committee member, AOAC Research Institute Advisory Council member, AOAC Food Allergen and Gluten Advisory Panel member, various AOAC working groups, Cereal & Grain member, CCMAS attendee with US delegation • Work with key customers to validate NEOGEN products against their internal criteria • Spearheaded 1 Health Canada MFLP approval, 2 FGIS approvals, 5 AOAC PTM approvals, 3 AOAC PTM modifications, 1 NCIMS approval, 3 MicroVal approvals, and counting Research Leader, NEOGEN Corporation May 2017- May 2019 Research & Development, Validations • Increased scope of internal validation program initiating a stakeholder approval process, full coverage of NEOGEN food safety product lines, and introducing formal change validations • Expanded validation department from one laboratory and eight full-time staff members to two laboratories and eleven full-time staff members as responsibilities expanded • Managed budget of $1.6 million annually • Team received 5 new AOAC PTM approvals, 3 AOAC PTM modifications or extensions, 2 IDF approvals, and 11 FGIS approvals • Member of AOAC Allergen working group & ISO WG3 Research Scientist, NEOGEN Corporation December 2016 – April 2017 Research & Development, Immunodiagnostics • Team lead for mycotoxin & allergen ELISA research and development projects – launched Veratox HS for Total Aflatoxin • Team lead responsibilities: coordinate daily activities of laboratory staff, plan/organize/conduct experimentation, update timelines as necessary, statistical evaluation and presentation of data, write ISO documents, train manufacturing & validation, assist in validation study design, work on interdepartmental team throughout project • Serve on safety committee as building representative, projects include emergency plans and audit design • Trained incoming personnel on laboratory techniques, ELISA transfer process, andNEOGEN procedures Associate Research Scientist, NEOGEN Corporation May 2013 – November 2016 Research & Development, Immunodiagnostics • Team lead for mycotoxin ELISA research and development projects – launched Veratox for Total Aflatoxin and MAX 2 aqueous extraction packet • Team member on various mycotoxin and dairy lateral flow and ELISA projects

Adjunct Instructor, Montcalm Community College

January 2014 - December 2016

Biology Department, Anatomy & Physiology • Developed or delivered course content and laboratories for anatomy and physiology courses • Implemented current pedagogy methods (i.e. Camtasia, Screencast, and Canvas) to deliver a hybrid course • Received positive student reviews with top scores in organization, subject knowledge, & approachability Graduate Research Assistant, Michigan State University August 2011 - May 2013 Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition, Nutritional Immunology Laboratory • Designed and completed an original research project which outlined a decrease in natural killer cell number and function in aged calorically restricted rodents • Planned and conducted experimentation, performed statistical analysis of data and prepared manuscripts • Primary lab techniques: ELISA, rodent vaccination & body composition analysis, rodent postmortem dissection & cell preparation, cell enumeration & staining, flow cytometry performance & analysis • Graduate teaching assistant for food science laboratories August 2012 – May 2013 Research Technician, Michigan State University Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition, Nutritional Immunology Laboratory • Organized, collected samples, and assisted in data analysis for a human trial which assessed mushroom supplement effects on immune cells when given with seasonal influenza vaccination • Primary laboratory methods utilized: cell colony maintenance under supervision, enumeration and plating, aseptic technique, ELISA, rodent colony maintenance, flow cytometry preparation & performance • Laboratory maintenance such as hazardous waste disposal, cleaning glassware, ordering, autoclaving, etc. July 2010-August 2011 Publications • Alles, Susan, et al. “Validation of the One Broth One Plate for Salmonella Method for Detection of Salmonella spp. in Select Food and Environmental Samples: AOAC Performance Tested Method 102002.” Journal of AOAC International (2021). • Alles, Susan, et al. “Soleris Enterobacteriaceae for the Detection of Enterobacteriaceae in Select Foods: AOAC Performance Tested Method SM 120901.” Journal of AOAC International 103.4 (2020): 1081-1089. • Le, Quynh-Nhi, et al. “Validation of the Reveal 3-D for Peanut Lateral Flow Test: AOAC Performance Tested Method SM 111901.” Journal of AOAC International 103.4 (2020): 1112-1118. • Hosking, Edan, et al. “NeoSeek TM STEC: A Method for Molecular Method for Detection and Identification of Select Shiga Toxin – Producing Escherichia coli in Beef: AOAC Performance Tested Method SM 081901.” Journal of AOAC International 103.2 (2020) 523-532. • Gray, R Lucas, et al. “The Validation of NEOGEN Reveal® Q+ for DON: AOAC Performance Tested Method 071901.” Journal of AOAC International 103.1 (2020): 176-183. • Roman, Brooke, et al. “Matrix Extension Study: Listeria Right Now™ Test for Detection of Listeria spp. From Selected Environmental Surfaces Without Enrichment.” Journal of AOAC International 102.5 (2019): 1589-1594. • Le, Quynh-Nhi, et al. “Validation of the Listeria Right Now Test for Detection of Listeria spp. from Selected Environmental Surfaces Without Enrichment.” Journal of AOAC International 102.3 (2019): 926-935. • Le, Quynh-Nhi, et al. “Reveal Q+ MAX for Detection of Total Aflatoxin in Corn, Almonds, Pistachios, Walnuts, and Peanuts.” Journal of AOAC International 102.2 (2019): 525-531. • Alles, Susan, et al. “Validation of a Modified ANSR® for E. coli O157:H7 Method for Detection of E. coli O157:H7 in Select Foods.” Journal of AOAC International 102.1 (2019): 96-107. Education Master of Science, Biochemical & Molecular Nutrition Graduated: May 2013 Michigan State University GPA: 3.9/4.0 Bachelor of Science, Nutritional Sciences Graduated: May 2009 Michigan State University GPA: 3.3/4.0

• Duriancik, David M., et al. “Age, calorie restriction, and age of calorie restriction onset reduce maturation of natural killer cells in C57Bl/6 mice.” Nutrition Research 55 (2018): 81-93. • Roman, Brooke E., et al. “Validation of MAX Aqueous Extraction on Veratox® for Total Aflatoxin ELISA Test Kit.” Journal of AOAC International 100.4 (2017): 1131-1133. • Roman, Brooke E., et al. "Short-term supplementation with active hexose correlated compound improves the antibody response to influenza B vaccine." Nutrition Research 33.1 (2013): 12-17. Presentations • “Old-onset Energy Restriction is Detrimental to Natural Killer Cell Maturation” – Experimental Biology Conference – Boston, MA – April 2013 • “Perspectives from the Analytical Steering Committee: An Open Discussion” – AOAC Annual Meeting – Virtual – September 2020 Awards • R&D Extra Mile Team Award, October 2019 • R&D Extra Mile Team Award, October 2018 • AOAC International Inaugural First-time Poster Presenter Contest Winner, September 2016 • Beth & Holly Fryer Endowed Scholarship, Travel Scholarships (CANR, FSHN, MSU Graduate School) 2012 – 2013 Certifications & Training • Black Belt Certification in Innovation from The Innovation Garage®, May 2020 • Blue Belt Certification in Innovation from The Innovation Garage®, December 2019 • Green Belt Certification in Innovation from The Innovation Garage®, November 2019 • Management Foundations Training from NEOGEN Corporation, September 2018 + annual refresher Recent Volunteer Work • 2|42 Community Church – Welcome team member

• Weekend Survival Kits – Kit loading/distribution volunteer • 2|42 2020 No Needs Project – Administrative volunteer

May 11, 2021

Dear Sir/Madam:

I first had the opportunity to work Brooke Roman when she joined Neogen’s Research and Development Department as a Scientist in 2013. She immediately stood out as an outstanding scientist that was both highly detailed and very pragmatic. Our interactions at various stages of product development that her team was involved in were very positive. I then began interacting with Brooke on an even more frequent basis when she took leadership of Neogen’s Validations Team in 2017. As the Director of this team, Ms. Roman oversees the work of 15 scientists and is responsible for the validation of all global food safety method developed by Neogen. She has experience with FGIS, MicroVal, NCIMS, Health Canada, and CCMAS in addition to multiple AOAC submissions and publications. Brooke is a very active member of AOAC’s of many working groups, the Food Allergen Advisory Panel, the Analytical Solutions Forum Steering Committee, and is the incoming Chair of the AOAC RI Advisory Council. I personally believe Brooke would be an excellent choice for the OMB. Ms. Roman displays outstanding critical thinking and data analysis skills coupled with her broad knowledge of various target analytes and matrix combinations. In addition to her experience with harmonization with various standard setting bodies and her unparalleled tact and diplomacy, she would be a great asset to the Official Methods Board. It continues to be my pleasure to work with Brooke both with Neogen and AOAC and with this letter I offer my highest recommendation.

Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions regarding this matter.


Anthony J. Lupo Senior Director of Technical Service Neogen Corporation President-Elect AOAC International


Erin Crowley Chair of the New Member Working Group, AOAC International

Dear Erin,

I am writing today to recommend Ms. Brooke Roman to be a member of the Official Methods Board at AOAC.

Brooke leads our Global Validations team at NEOGEN and has been a leader in validations here at NEOGEN since 2017. She has increased the visibility of NEOGEN processes and collaborations (with organizations like AOAC) tenfold since she began leadership of this team and has been engaged with AOAC in the allergens WG and ISO WG3. Since 2019, she has further increased her external involvement with AOAC by being an ASF Steering Committee member, AOACRI Advisory Council Chair-Elect as well as being an Advisory Panel member of the Food Allergen and Gluten group. T hat’s a lot of engagement, not to mention working with CCMAS, MicroVal, AFNOR and NCIMS! We all know Brooke well, and we know her penchant for sound scientific communication and data-driven decision making. This is evidenced by her 10 publications in JAOAC. While it is important for NEOGEN to get AOAC approvals for our products, it is just as important for us all to publish our data and move the science and industry forward, and Brooke and team are great examples of collaborators with AOAC and the scientific community in general. In looking at her CV, I am confident you will find no better individual to sit on the OMB at AOAC – Brooke is intelligent, hard-working, personable and well respected in the industry. She is a current and future leader for our industry and her insights, experience and presence on the OMB will benefit us all.


Jesse D. Miller

Director of Innovation

Neogen Corporation

F. Morgan Wallace, Ph.D. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 511 Ricketts Mill Rd. Elkton, Maryland 21921 (302) 287-1306 morganwallacephd@gmail.com ----------------------------------------------------------- PROFILE ----------------------------------------------------------- Internationally recognized authority on pathogen and quality testing of food and environmental matrices. Food safety professional with experience in food microbiology from the farm through the production environment to the finished product at retail. Areas of expertise include development and validation of rapid methods for microbial testing, global dissemination of food-borne pathogens, antimicrobial susceptibility mechanisms and testing methods, and toxicology. ----------------------------------------------------------- EDUCATION ------------------------------------------------------ • Doctor of Philosophy, Food Science and Human Nutrition with a Minor in Microbiology and Cell Science, University of Florida, 1999 • Bachelor of Science Microbiology and Cell Science, University of Florida, 1990 • Bachelor of Arts Political Science, University of Florida, 1989 -------------------------------------------------------------EXPERIENCE ------------------------------------------------------ R HEONIX 2016 - P RESENT B USINESS D EVELOPMENT I THACA , N EW Y ORK Director of Scientific Development – Applied Markets . Facilitated the entry of a startup molecular diagnostics company into the food, beverage, and veterinary testing markets. Along with the Vice President for Strategy and Marketing set priorities and coordinated Rheonix’ entry into applied markets. Worked with in-house scientists and contractors on the development of innovative test kits using a highly multiplexed microfluidics- based instrument. Co-developed the Rheonix Listeria PatternAlert™ Assay for rapid molecular characterization of Listeria directly from environmental enrichments. Microbiologist/Group Leader . Supervised the Validations Group, and managed teams conducting development, field trials, and validations of molecular diagnostic methods in food microbiology. Responsibilities included validation of rapid enrichments and diagnostic methods for the detection of Listeria , Salmonella , E. coli O157:H7 and non-O157:H7 STEC, Cronobacter , Vibrio, Campylobacter, Staphylococcus, and fungi. Provided high level support to key customers including meat and poultry producers, produce growers and processors, processed food manufacturers, and service laboratories on sampling, enrichment and testing methods. Resolved assay manufacturing irregularities with Diagnostics QA/QC Group. Advised technical and marketing communications groups to ensure accuracy of user documentation and marketing materials. Member of numerous product commercialization teams for test kits and instrumentation. Developed enrichment protocols and validated methods associated with commercial test kits, and characterized the performance of new instruments. Worked with validating bodies domestically and internationally. D U P ONT M OLECULAR D IAGONOSTICS 2004 - 2016 R ESEARCH AND D EVELOPMENT W ILMINGTON , D ELAWARE


1999 - 2004



Microbiologist/Microbial Ecologist . 2003-2004 - Microbial Food Safety Research Unit. Areas of research included epidemiology, molecular subtyping, and population biology of foodborne bacterial pathogens.

Microbiologist/Molecular Biologist . 2000-2003 - Microbial Food Safety Research Unit. Areas of research included epidemiology and molecular subtyping of Listeria monocytogenes associated with vacuum packed meat products. Supervised a team of scientists and technicians conducting large scale sampling and characterization of Listeria monocytogenes from hot dogs. Also conducted research on pre-harvest and in- plant food safety issues related to Salmonella , E. coli and Listeria . Frequent collaborator with other USDA-ARS management units. Microbiologist . 1999-2000 - Poultry Microbiology Safety Research Unit and Antimicrobial Resistance Research Unit. Areas of research included antimicrobial susceptibility of Salmonella and Campylobacter including mechanisms, susceptibility testing methods, and epidemiology. Collaborated with FDA and with USDA-FSIS on multiple research projects.



Doctoral Student, Food Microbiology . Dissertation: Immune response during Clostridium perfringens enterotoxin intoxication . Taught laboratory courses in microbiology for professional, nursing and agriculture students.






--------------------------------------------------------- AFFILIATIONS ------------------------------------------------------

• International Association for Food Protection (1998-present) • AOAC International (2004-present)

------------------------------------------------------------ OFFICES -----------------------------------------------------------

• Member, United States Technical Advisory Group for ISO TC34/SC9 Food Microbiology, 2013-present • Member, AOAC Laboratory Proficiency Testing Program Advisory Council, 2012-2014 • Voting member, AOAC International Stakeholder Panel on Alternative Microbiological Methods, 2010- 2016

---------------------------------------------------- AWARDS AND H0NORS ------------------------------------------------

• USDA Certificate of Merit – For assisting in the formation of the Antimicrobial Resistance Research Unit at the Richard B. Russell Research Center. • FDA Group Recognition Award - USDA-ARS Antimicrobial Resistance Research Unit for being a member of the Fluoroquinolone/Poultry Campylobacter Risk Assessment Group. • United States Secretary of Agriculture Group Honor Award for Excellence – Project leader, USDA-ARS Eastern Regional Research Center examination of prevalence, levels and molecular subtypes of Listeria in ready-to-eat meat products received the highest award given by the USDA. • Federal Executive Board Bronze Medal for Excellence in Government - Project leader, USDA-ARS Eastern Regional Research Center examination of prevalence, levels and molecular subtypes of Listeria in ready-to-eat meat products.

Full curriculum vitae with peer reviewed publications, and references available upon request.

Office: 510-984-0087 Mobile: 510-858-8854 Email: bschwartz@rheonix.com

July 7, 2020

Yvonne Salfinger, M.S. Retired, Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Division of Food Safety, Bureau of Food Laboratories, Tallahassee, FL

Dear Ms. Salfinger,

I am writing to offer my enthusiastic support of Morgan Wallace’s candidacy for a position on AOAC’s Official Methods Board. As his manager at Rheonix, I will fully support his participation on the OMB. Morgan is a Ph.D. scientist with over 25 years working in food microbiology, with a career spanning government and industry. Morgan has an extensive understanding of microbiological testing methods, and has worked with rapid methods for all major foodborne pathogens including Listeria , Salmonella , Cronobacter , E. coli O157:H7 and non-O157:H7 STEC, Vibrio, Campylobacter, and Staphylococcus. He has led teams of scientists developing and validating methods to detect foodborne pathogens and quality-affecting organisms, and has taken many methods through approval, serving as study director for many PTM and OMA validations. He is a 15-year member of AOAC, and has demonstrated his commitment to AOAC through active involvement in the AOAC Research Institute Advisory Board and ISPAM. As a method developer, Morgan has worked extensively with users across the food production and testing industry to assist in the production of safe foods and ensure that test methods meet customer requirements. He has a broad perspective on the needs of the global food industry, and has interacted closely with food manufacturers and food testing labs through a range of roles with test method developers and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. He has coordinated the method developer side of ISO-based validations, prepared numerous manuscripts for publication and posters and oral presentations for conferences, led industry Round Tables, participated in reviewing grant applications for USDA, and participated as a peer reviewer for manuscripts submitted to the International Journal of Food Microbiology. He has strong working relationships with USDA, FDA, CFIA, and other government scientists in both the research and regulatory fields.

Rheonix, 10 Brown Road, Suite 103, Ithaca, NY 14850 USA


In addition to his scientific capabilities, I believe Morgan’s interpersonal skills will enable him to be a valuable and highly effective member of the OMB. He has a remarkable ability to work across interest groups to gain consensus; as a team member, he demonstrates an unwavering commitment to doing what is right. During the past 13 years, I have interacted with Morgan in many capacities: as his manager, as his colleague on the AOAC RI Advisory Board, and as a representative of a competitive method developer. In all cases I have been impressed with his genuine commitment to advancing food safety, and to doing what’s best for the food testing community irrespective of his personal interests. Over the past four years as his manager, I have come to highly value Morgan’s creativity, objectivity, and insights in both science and business. Above all, I value his personal integrity and intellectual honesty: I know that he will bring to any decision a thoughtful and balanced consideration of all relevant data and positions.


Brooke Schwartz Vice President, Strategy and Marketing Rheonix, Inc.

Rheonix, 10 Brown Road, Suite 103, Ithaca, NY 14850 USA


July 7, 2020

To whom it may concern:

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Dr. Morgan Wallace to the AOAC International Official Methods Board. During his 12-year tenure, Morgan was the Validations Team Leader at DuPont Qualicon, where I had the pleasure of working closely with him. Morgan has a deep and practical knowledge of FDA and USDA regulations and how they impact the industry, as well an understanding of the needs of regulatory bodies themselves. That understanding, together with a strong foundation of food microbiology, helped form the technical strategy that propelled Qualicon to the next phase of growth. Morgan used this knowledge to not only form a highly productive Validations team but also to become a mentor and a teacher. Throughout his time at Qualicon, he not only led his validations team through over 20 new product certifications or extensions, but also oversaw certification efforts with 7 global certification bodies. His intensive work with expanding PTM certifications to almost every product line, and extending our OMA portfolio to adapt with our business needs, helped Qualicon reach a pinnacle status among other companies in our field. Not only is Morgan a terrific scientist and team leader, but he also thrives in patiently helping those around him elevate their technical skills and learn about 3 rd party validations. He is a natural teacher and truly enjoys watching people learn from him. On more than a few occasions, I found myself turning to him for advice, as I trusted his intuition in food microbiology and microbiology in general. Morgan’s food microbiology and regulatory knowledge, along with enthusiasm for learning and in turn, teaching others, will make him a perfect fit for the AOAC International Official Methods Board. Please feel free to contact me at ncorrigan@hygiena.com or 302-426-2359 for further information about Morgan.


Nisha Corrigan Validations/Certifications Manager Hygiena

Qualicon Diagnostics, LLC ∙ A Hygiena™ Company ∙ 2 Boulden Circle ∙ New Ca stle, DE 19720

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