AOAC BOD June 2018 Pre-Meeting Materials

II. 2018 Business Plan Progress Q2 F. Sustainability: New Product/Revenue Streams

Financial Considerations Fee-for-service: 1. Flat fees for standard services 2. OMA & PTM protocol design: $3000/protocol or $100/hr

3. Tech services for other certification program: $3000/protocol or $100/hr. 4. Technical writing services: $250/hr. Or case-by-case quoted project prices. 5. General scientific consulting: $250/hr. Or case-by-case quoted project prices. 6. Contract projects: include a line item for consulting services.

It is expected that expanding the consulting services to OMAs will generate about a 50% increase in income ($50,000.)

Consulting service income could double or triple in several years if the three proposed certification programs (OMA, instrument/equipment, and application notes) are implemented.

Assumptions AOAC implements one of more of the proposed certification programs. Administered by the AOAC Research Institute using existing infra-structure. Therefore, AOAC RI to collect consulting service fees. Additional technical support from CSO for general scientific consulting projects. The primary function of the AOAC consulting services would serve as a gateway for expansion of AOAC certification programs.

Roll-Out Plan 1. Initial Exec Director review. 2. Review consulting application and agreements and modify as needed. 3. Legal review. 4. Recruit standing expert pool. 5. Determine required expertise. 6. Draft Contract. 7. Communication, media, marketing strategy. 8. Exec Dir approval for implementation. 9. Announce new services via AOAC communication channels.

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