AOAC BOD June 2018 Pre-Meeting Materials

II. 2018 Business Plan Progress Q2 F. Sustainability: New Product/Revenue Streams

Income - Guesstimate about 100 topical method manuals per topic sold at $400 per piece for a total of $40,000. Assuming 3 topical products ≈ $120,000 total income Steps: • Gauge interest • Determine pricing and costs.

• Marketing and communication plan • Assemble materials and resources. 4. License certification mark application notes

Rationale : Technology providers routinely provide “Application Notes” that describe procedures for using instruments/equipment to determine analytes in matrixes. One instrument typically can be used for tens of, or even hundreds of, different applications. Application notes are regularly submitted to AOAC in response to calls for methods. Application notes cannot be used for Official Methods of Analysis because they lack much of the required information. This business proposal envisions a slimmed down review process specifically for Application Notes. Technology providers would be required to provide data to support claims made in an Application Note. AOAC would review the data, claims, and application note and if the application note met certain minimum requirements, then a certification mark could be awarded to the technology provider to use on the application note. Financial Expectation : Using the AOAC Research Institute model: set application fees at $5K for OAs and $7.5K for non-OAs; and annual renewal fees at $2k for OAs and $5K for non-OAs. Estimate 10 - 20 application fees per year and 80% renewal fees. Estimate smaller per unit cost and therefore same 10% net income as PTM model. 1 st year income ≈ $50K. 2 nd year income ≈ $66K. 3 rd year income ≈ $82K. Steps: • Gauge interest • Program and Policies o Pricing and business plan o Flowcharts/SOPs • Legal o Draft license agreement

o Develop a certification mark o Mark/service registration • Marketing and communication plan

5. AOAC TV: Subscription based broadcasting and podcasting using video, social media, and podcasting outlets for Education, Training, and Webinars. Rationale : There is need to provide an effective and efficient educational, tutorial, and training experiences for members, customers, and volunteers. In the past, AOAC offered training on single laboratory validation, multi-laboratory testing. Currently, AOAC has orientations for SMPR

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