AOAC BOD June 2018 Pre-Meeting Materials

II. 2018 Business Plan Progress Q2 F. Sustainability: New Product/Revenue Streams

1) Some AOAC OMA methods are based on a specific instrument on which multiple different methods can be applied. The instrument certification mark could be used to pull together multiple OMA methods that can be used with the specific instrument. The certificate could list all the OMA methods. 2) Some AOAC OMA methods provide instrument specifications, but leave it to users to decide what instruments can be used. The instrument certificate could be used by technology providers to identify that a particular instrument can be used for a method that only contains specifications. 3) Many AOAC OMAs name a brand and model, and then incorporate the term “or equivalent.” The instrument certificate could be used by technology providers to identify that a particular instrument meets the “or equivalent” requirements. This program would provide technology providers with additional recognition, and provide clarity to AOAC method users. Financial Expectation : Using the AOAC Research Institute model: set application fees at $5K for OAs and $7.5K for non-OAs; and annual renewal fees at $2k for OAs and $5K for non-OAs. Estimate 10 - 20 application fees per year and 80% renewal fees. Estimate smaller per unit cost and therefore same 10% net income as PTM model. 1 st year income ≈ $50K. 2 nd year income ≈ $66K. 3 rd year income ≈ $82K. Steps: • Gauge interest • Program and Policies o Pricing and business plan o Flowcharts/SOPs • Legal o Draft license agreement

o Develop a certification mark o Mark/service registration • Marketing and communication plan

7. License certification mark to reagents/reference materials Rationale : All AOAC OMA methods lists reagents, sometimes identifying a provider, but oftentimes without a reference to a provider. A few methods and most SMPRs identify potential reference materials. Some reagent and reference material providers might desire a certification mark that specifies that a reagent or reference material can apply to an OMA method(s), especially if another provider is identified in an OMA method or SMPR. It is envisioned that AOAC could provide a certificate that list a provider’s reagents and/or reference materials to their relevant application(s) to OMA methods.

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