AOAC BOD June 2018 Pre-Meeting Materials

2.3 Consideration of the 2017 Association Budget The proposed 2018 Association budget was prepared by AOAC staff and discussed in detail during the Finance Committee Meeting. The proposed budget shows an estimated expense total of $5,534,523 with total income estimated at $5,622,703. The proposed budget includes expected income from a continuation contract with the Infant Nutrition Council of America, a contract with the US National Institutes of Health and the US Department of Defense. Motion: DeVries/Lupo moved/seconded approval of the proposed 2018 Association budget as presented. Vote: PASSED UNANIMOUSLY 3 Task Force Updates 3.1 Strategic Planning Co-Chairs Jonathan Goodwin and Ron Johnson provided updates on the progress on the collection of member feedback on AOAC’s DRAFT Strategic Plan, and provided a final draft version for consideration. The Task Force would plan to meet in January 2018 to determine if they need to continue or close the task force. Motion: Johnson/Sullivan moved/seconded approval of the strategic plan components: Mission, Vision, and Strategic Goals, as presented in the Board book. Vote: PASSED UNANIMOUSLY 3.2 Search Committee Chair Jon DeVries provided an overview of the process of recruiting and hiring a new executive director. Three candidates were interviewed by the search committee and the AOAC senior staff at AOAC HQ on December 12, 2017. The committee would be extending an offer before the end of the year, and hopes to onboard a new executive in early 2018. 3.3 Food Fraud Benesh reported that Chair Samuel Godefroy was in the process of recruiting and confirming members for the Food Fraud Task Force. 3.4 RI Process Improvement Chair Tony Lupo reported that the task force interviewed RI participants, contract labs, consultants, and expert reviewers; he will be creating a report with any recommendations for improvements to the RI processes by the Midyear Meeting in March 2018. Action Item: Benesh asked Lupo to also reach out to international organizations that work with the RI, such as MicroVal, NordVal, and AFNOR.

*Complete reports/presentations referenced herein are included in the “December 2017 Board Meeting Book” and are available upon request*

AOAC Board of Directors December 13, 2017 Meeting Minutes

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