AOAC BOD June 2018 Pre-Meeting Materials

Item 6.2 AOAC Board Meeting June 13, 2018



FROM: Patrice Arbault

Chair, Research Institute Board of Directors

SUBJECT: Election of RI Board Members

Background and Discussion As the sole member of the Research Institute, the AOAC INTERNATIONAL Board is charged with electing new members to the RI Board. The RI Board has 2 upcoming vacancies. Below is a summary of the RI Board review of nominees for new Board members on a June 4, 2018 teleconference. Excerpt from RI Board minutes: Arbault reviewed the demographics/representation of current board members, and identified perspectives which were lacking. It was identified that having at least one test kit representative would be critical to have the appropriate stakeholder perspective on the RI Board. Boison recommended geography as a high priority, attracting more non-US members. Testing laboratories/method end users was another high priority. All the members acknowledged the large numbers of high value/talented nominees (10 nominees in total), representing various stakeholders amongst our community. From the nominations received: Meinhardt, Dreyling, and Mills represent method developers. Bhandari, Stawick, Krogull were identified as laboratory/method-user representatives. RI Board members reviewed the history and contributions of each of the candidates with AOAC International, and also their main field of expertise, between microbiology & chemistry/nutrition. For the final selection, RI Board members agreed to recommend the following Nominees: - 1) Patricia Meinhardt since she represents a test kit manufacturer, r-Biopharm, offering methods for both microbiology and chemistry/allergens. She also offers an international perspective to AOAC; - 2) Sneh Bhandari since he has been very active with the association on both chemistry and nutrition applications, and works with an international service laboratory, Mérieux Nutriscience. Recommendation: Vote to approve the recommendation made by the RI Board to elect Patricia Meinhardt (r-Biopharm) and Sneh Bhandari (Merieux Nutriscience) to serve three-year terms on the RI Board, beginning at the conclusion of the AOAC Annual Meeting on August 29, 2018.

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