AOAC GFA Stakeholder Program Meeting Book (March 17, 2021)

Why do different methods give different results?

End User Confusion

Why do the same methods used in different labs give different results?

How should we decide which method to use?

Don’t methods work the same with all samples?

Aren’t the most sensitive methods the best?

Third-party laboratories Food manufacturers Auditors Regulatory agencies and inspectors

How many samples should we analyze?

Isn’t below the limit of detection the same as zero?

Are methods sensitive enough?


Previous and Ongoing Efforts by Community

X Long-standing AOAC Food Allergen Community X Abbot et al. 2010: Validation Procedures for Quantitative Food Allergen ELISA Methods: Community Guidance and Best Practices Æ Appendix M X AOAC SPSFAM Food Allergen Working Group 2015-2016:

X SMPR development for quantitative, MS methods X Selected allergens: egg, milk, peanut, hazelnut

X AOAC ISPAM Food Allergen Working Group 2016-2019: X SMPR development for quantitative ELISA-based methods X Egg, Milk, Peanut, (Almond/Hazelnut)


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