AOAC GFA Stakeholder Program Meeting Book (March 17, 2021)

Current Methods

X Mostly great at detecting/quantifying wheat gluten in flour-based products (cookies, cakes, crackers, etc.) X Except for one method, not designed to detect gluten in fermented or hydrolyzed products X Uncharacterized for performance in fractioned products (starches*, protein isolates) – gluten has two main solubility fractions, and most monoclonal antibodies only see one or the other. X Uneven detection of wheat, rye and barley in most kits (oat SMPR**) X Validated in limited matrices (but used for everything) *Scherf – Wheat Starch: J Agric Food Chem (2016) Oct 12; 64(40):7622-7631 **Boison et al, JAOAC 101(4): 1238-1242



X Reference materials (Wehling & Scherf 2020* (USP)) X No non-ELISA confirmatory method X No specific guidance for gluten methods other than ELISA X More specific guidance needed for development and validation of antibody-based methods

* Journal of AOAC INTERNATIONAL , Volume 103, Issue 1, January-February 2020, Pages 210– 215,


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