AOAC GFA Stakeholder Program Meeting Book (March 17, 2021)

Gluten Working Group Goals

1. Validation Guidance Document(s) X Qualitative, quantitative X “Binding assays” (ELISA, LFD other), as well as LC-MS X “Intact” vs fermented-hydrolyzed-fractionated 2. End-User Guidance Document

X Matrix extension X Method suitability X Sampling 3. SMPR for LC-MS Method


Validation Guidance

X Appendix M (Abbott et al*) X Koerner publication on gluten ELISA validation**

X Manufacturers and public primarily using qualitative tests (Appendix N***) X Other guidance in progress from CEN:

X prEN 17644 - Detection of food allergens by LC-MS methods

X Foodstuffs — Detection of food allergens by immunological methods —Quantitative determination of gluten with an enzyme immunoassay method

*Abbott et al. (2010) J. AOAC Int. 93, 442–450 **Koerner et al (2013) J. AOAC Int. 96, 1033-1040 ***AOAC Official Methods of Analysis (2013)


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