AOAC Micro Community Agenda

AOAC INTERNATIONAL Micro Community Meeting

AOAC Annual Meeting New Orleans, Louisiana Sunday, August 27, 2023 | 4:30PM – 5:30PM CDT Draft Agenda Moderator: Allison Baker (AOAC INTERNATIONAL)

I. WELCOME AND OVERVIEW OF MICROBIOLOGY ACROSS AOAC INTERNATIONAL (4:30PM – 4:40PM) Allison Baker and invited speakers will give an overview of the current micro projects within AOAC, highlight upcoming initiatives, and introduce hot topics for discussion. II. THE ROLE OF AOAC INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITIES & MICRO COMMUNITY (4:40PM – 4:45PM) Allison Baker will review the role of the AOAC Micro Community and provide ways in which Community Members can be engaged in AOAC INTERNATIONAL. III. MICRO COMMUNITY SURVEY RESULTS (4:45PM – 4:50PM) Allison Baker will review community survey results. IV. TOPIC OF INTEREST: METAGENOMICS (4:50PM – 5:10PM) Mike Sussman (US Department of Agriculture) will provide an overview of metagenomics with respect to big data, data driven life science and smart farming. He will review the future of this data and artificial intelligence. V. MICRO COMMUNITY TOPICS OF INTEREST (5:10PM – 5:25PM) Erin Crowley (Q Laboratories) and Mike Clark (Bio-Rad) will moderate discussions on additional topics of interest:

• Alignment of Matrix Categories • Alignment of Test Portion Sizes • Alignment of Validation Guidance • Consensus Validation Schemes & Revisions to Appendix J


NEXT STEPS AND ADJOURNMENT (5:25PM – 5:30PM) Allison Baker will discuss future meetings of the Micro Community and discuss avenues for communication for community members.

5:30pm – 6:30pm Community Mixer

This agenda is subject to change without notice.

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