AOAC SPIFAN ERP Orientation (May 2021)

AOAC INTERNATIONAL TERMS & CONDITIONS FOR EXPERT REVIEW PANELS (ERP) Please carefully read the following Terms and Conditions to serve as an AOAC Expert Review Panel (ERP) Member. This document contains important information about your obligations while reviewing candidate methods not currently adopted or published as an Official Methods of Analysis SM of AOAC INTERNATIONAL (OMA). 1. POLICIES & PROCEDURES FOR ERP MEMBERS: a. Must sign and submit AOAC Volunteer Acceptance Form (VAF) b. Must agree to adhere to AOAC’s policies and procedures:  Policy on Antitrust  Policy on Use of Association Name, Identifying Insignia, Letterhead, Business Cards  Policy on Volunteer Conflict of Interest  Official Methods of Analysis SM - Appendix G: Procedures and Guidelines for the Use of AOAC Voluntary Consensus Standards to Evaluate Characteristics of a Method of Analysis  Expert Review Panels – Policies and Procedures 2. NON-DISCLOSURE & CONFIDENTIALITY: a. ERP members will not use or disclose to any individual or entity any proprietary or confidential information including, without limitation, technical data, research and development information, processes, product plans, methods or means, etc. b. All reasonable efforts shall be made to preserve the confidentiality of the information.  You are requested to submit written reviews by a specified deadline. Please alert staff if you are unable to complete reviews on time. 3. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS: As an AOAC Expert Review Panel (ERP) member, you are granted access to candidate method(s) solely for the purpose of reviewing, deliberating and rendering a decision on the materials provided to you. a. Each candidate method remains the intellectual property of the method author until adoption as First Action Official Method SM status. Therefore, the information is distributed only to the vetted members of the respective ERPs. During ERP meetings, the candidate methods are provided for viewing only; no access will be granted to reproduce materials. b. Each candidate method adopted or published as Official Methods of Analysis SM of AOAC INTERNATIONAL becomes property of AOAC INTERNATIONAL; however, additional supporting information and/or data are still the intellectual property of the method author. NOTE: Method Authors are encouraged to engage in the ERP process and attend the ERP meetings.

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