Allergens ERP Book, Sept 17

Expert Review Panel Selection Criteria: 1. AOAC paid consultants and AOAC staff should not act as Chairs of ERPs. 2. Members of the BoD may act as voting members but it is recommended that they sit as non-voting members of the panel, unless the CSO can demonstrate that there are so few experts in the field available to the community that they are needed to move the project forward.

3. Paid consultants of AOAC and AOAC staff may not serve as voting members on ERPs.

4. If a single business location is represented by more than one person on an ERP, that location shall have only one vote.

5. The Chair of the ERP must be a member of AOAC INTERNATIONAL.

Appeals Process: ERP - Openness of Process and Appeals:

The entire ERP review process is fully open. Any interested party (person, agency, organization, association, company, Chief Scientific Officer (CSO), or group) shall have the right to comment. Appeals or comments are sent to the AOAC Staff. Technical decisions by the ERP are final and are not subject to review or appeal. Other questions or issues regarding procedures, conflict of interest, or impropriety may be

appealed to the President of the AOAC INTERNATIONAL. All written concerns will be considered and given a response.

If there is disagreement between the CSO and the Official Methods Board reviewers, the CSO may appeal to the Chair of the Official Methods Board for consideration. The Official Methods Board can select an impartial panel to review the issue, which must report to the Official Methods Board with a resolution within 21 days of its assignment.

Approved by Official Methods Board, November 13, 2008 Approved by AOAC Board of Directors, December 9, 2008 Appeals Process Appended – September 2009 Revisedby AOAC Board of Directors, May 25, 2011

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