Allergens ERP Book, Sept 17

Recap of the Overall Process for Methods Submitted in response to SMPRs or Call for Methods – aka “alternative pathway”

1. Allows AOAC to focus on projects addressing an urgent need of a critical mass of stakeholders.

2. Drives AOAC processes forward faster.

3. Assembles stakeholders (industry, government and academia) to neutral place to articulate and reach consensus on requirements and resolve conflicts.

4. Those requirements are codified and are published as “Standard Method Performance Requirements” (SMPRs).

5. Methods are solicited that purport to meet those requirements.

6 E t i . xper rev ew pane s  s u ge e me o s aga ns e SMPRs.  Method(s) that best meet the SMPRs are adopted and designated “First Action” Official Method of Analysis . 7. Process for First Action status to Final Action status follows h f ll AOAC Fi A i Offi i l as t e same process or a   rst ct on  c a Methods . l (ERP ) j d th th d i t th

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