Amino Acids Working Group Meeting Book (July 3, 2018)

AOAC SPIFAN Amino Acids Table (Comments Form)

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2018-06-25 17:47:03

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Greg Jaudzems



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I am not in favor of the suggested t- distribution. Amino ERP will get that tied up in statistics that no method will ever pass.

Why is each component is to have such super tight requirements I do not know. No other SMPR has ever had these.

I still see the need to be more realistic at 90-110/ 80-120% recovery and 5, 10% RSDr, SRDR.

Amino acid methods are much more sensitive than others SPIFAN has reviewed and previous WG have set requirements much wider.


As for recovery I am open to have an option for both free and bound protein spiking.

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