AOAC Stakeholder Panel on Dietary Supplements Expert Review Panel

AOAC Candidate Method #CIN-01

Identification of Selected Cinnamomum spp.Bark in Dietary Supplement Raw Materials and/or Finished Products - Gas Chromatography with Flame Ionization Detection After Hydrodistillation  Author(s): Myron Sasser, Gary Jackoway, Craig Kunitsky  Submitted by: Craig Kunitsky, Midi  Enclosures: 2  Submitter notes: The main contact for method questions and feedback is Gary Jackoway.

RESUBMISSION 7/7 Notes: Attached please find the updated MIDI Cinnamon Method.

The major changes are:

- Addition of C. ramulus to the species identification.

- Alternative automated peak naming using MIDI Sherlock software.

- Alternative pattern matching species identification using MIDI Sherlock software.

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