ERP Proposal SPDS Set 2

As a senior research scientist at the National Center for Natural Products Research, Dr. Yan-Hong Wang has been doing research on analytical/bio-analytical studies of medicinal plants and related products (dietary supplements). He has extensive experience in analytical chemistry, especially in liquid chromatography (LC) and mass spectrometry (MS), and strong background in methods development and validation using HPLC/UHPLC coupled with different detectors, such as PDA, MS and ELSD. Additionally, Dr. Wang has more than 15 years hand-on experience in natural products chemistry for isolation, purification and structural elucidation of active constituents from different natural sources using column chromatography, NMR, LC-MS/MS, UV-VIS and IR techniques.

FULL CV: Hong%20Wang%20CV%2009November2015.pdf

YOUNG, KURT Area of Expertise: Ashwagandha method development and analysis For greater than 15 years at a major supplement manufacturing facility I have:

Overseen method development, quality specification confirmation and identity testing with Ashwaganda (Withania somnifera) extract and powdered herb incoming raw materials and finished products. Interacted with major suppliers of standardized extracts and powdered herb material to determine best methodology to support product development and quality control testing.


ZHANG, YANJUN Area of Expertise: methodologies and dietary supplements

Yanjun Zhang, has been trained in a Pharmacy School 30 years ago (1985) and has been working in the field of botanical natural product analysis since then, including natural products isolation, structure determination, quantitative and qualitative analysis of natural products, new drug development from Herbal medicine, etc. I have been using and guiding to use numerous analytical instruments and techniques, such as HPLC, LC-MS, GC, GC MS, NMR, NIR, and HPTLC etc. The natural products I’ve been studied include flavonoids, alkaloids, terpenoids, lignans, saponions, essential oils, sugars, organic acids, fatty acids, and polysacchrides etc. Currently I guide establish the Qualitative and Quantitative analytical method in Herbalife Quality group for internal use. With all the expertise mentioned above, I believe I can make great contribution to the review panel, and most important I want to contribute my expertise on the biological botanical natural products analysis to the AOAC Expert Review Panel for Dietary Supplement Ingredients.

FULL CV: ZHANG CV 2014.pdf

ZHOU, JOSEPH Area of Expertise: dietary supplements and method development

I am currently the technical director of Sunshineville Health Products, Inc, a dietary supplement manufacturer in state of West Virginia. I have been working in the US dietary supplement industry since 1995, and was a technical director of NOW Foods and Nature's Sunshine Products, respectively, in charge of dietary supplement analytical methods development, GMP and quality control. I have been actively participating in the AOAC dietary supplement official method program since 2000. I was the AOAC study director and SLV coordinator of the glucosamine method, and one of the SLV coordinators for the chondroitin method, as well as an ERP member for many AOAC methods. I received a special recognition: AOAC 2005 study director of the year.

I am willing to continue to make my contribution to the AOAC official method program for dietary supplements, and believe I have the technical capability to be an ERP member for many dietary supplement analytical methods.

FULL CV: Zhou CV.pdf

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