Food Allergens Working Group Meeting Book (September 10, 2019)

Mid-Year Food Allergens Working Group Meeting Wednesday, March 13, 2019 Recap • The working group voted to postpone the Tree Nut (hazelnut & almond) SMPR development (individual) until reference materials could be located. • NIST provided a presentation to the WG members on the proposed development of reference materials for Treenuts (almond & hazelnut meals). NIST has funding available to procure materials to produce the two reference materials. • Discussions included the survey sent to members of the working group requesting information on the reference material they currently use.

• almond paste • Hazelnut paste

• Defatted almond flour • Defatted hazelnut flour

• The AOAC Research Institute to coordinate an effort to develop specifications to identify candidate sources for use for characterization of test kits that detect and/or measure hazelnut & almond.

Results of priority TN allergens Survey

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