Microsoft Word - Draft OMB Meeting Agenda-April 11 2019

OMB Meeting 4-11-2019 Pre-read Materials


OFFICIAL METHODS BOARD   TELECONFERENCE Thursday, April 11, 2019   2:00PM – 3:30PM ET 


Erin Crowley (Q Laboratories), Chair and Meeting Moderator 

I. PRELIMINARY ITEMS a. Welcome and Introductions  (Crowley)

Crowley will invite staff to conduct a roll call of OMB members to ensure a quorum of members are present.  Any proxies will be identified.  The status of the meeting will be determined base on a quorum of OMB members present at the roll call.

b. Call to Order/Announcements/Review of Policy Documents/Terms of Reference  (Crowley) Crowley will call the meeting to order and invite OMB members to review the OMB roster, the AOAC policies and bylaws, the OMB Terms of Reference, and the AOAC Strategic Plan. c. Review of OMB April 11, 2019 Teleconference Draft Agenda*  (Crowley) - p. 1 OMB members are expected to review the draft agenda and suggest any additions or deletions prior to reaching consensus on a final version of the agenda. d. Review of March 11 and 13, 2019 OMB Meeting Draft Minutes*  (Crowley) - p. 3 OMB members are expected to review the draft meeting minutes and suggest any edits or modifications prior and if possible, reaching consensus on a final version of the meeting minutes. II. AOAC MID‐YEAR MEETING OMB LIAISON UPDATES OMB liaisons to the various meeting will provide updates on the meetings they attended, making note of session outcomes, follow ups, and any current or potential technical and/or process issues, challenges, or opportunities for which OMB should be aware and may need to provide guidance, decisions, framework. OMB is expected to share the experience and take as action items as needed. a. ERP for Microbiology  (McMahon, Salfinger, Crowley)

b. Analytical Solutions Forum  (Crowley and any OMB member in attendance) c. Cannabis Analytical Science Program  (Mastovska, Campos Giménez, Salfinger) d. Working Group on Gluten in Oats  (Boison, Crowley) e. ERP for Gluten Assays  (Boison, Crowley) f. Dietary Supplements Roundtable/Town Hall  (Giancaspro) g. Food Authenticity Program  (Boison, Giancaspro, Masotovska, Campos Giménez) h. Quantitative Microbiology Method Validation Acceptance Criteria  (Crowley, McMahon) i. AOAC‐ISO/IDF Meeting  (McKenzie) j. Working Group on Food Allergens  (Crowley, Boison) k. Working Group on Furans  (Mastovska, Campos Giménez, Phillips, Giancaspro) l. Emerging Topics Breakout Session  (Gill, Phillips, Mastovska, Gilliland) m. SPIFAN Meeting  (Gilliland, Mastovska, Phillips, Gill, Campos Giménez) n. ERP for SPIFAN Nutrient Methods  (Gilliland, Mastovska, Phillips, Gill, Campos Giménez)

o. ERPs for Fertilizer Methods  (McKenzie) p. SPADA Working Groups  (McKenzie)

* Items that require or may require a vote during meeting or via e‐ballot

Preliminary Agenda for OMB Meeting – April 11, 2019 version 2 


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