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Voluntary Consensus Soil Standard for Use in Biothreat Agent 1 Detection Method Evaluations and Site Assessments 2 AOAC Stakeholder Panel on Agent Detection Assays (SPADA)

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1.0 Objective 7 characterization, and use of soil as a sample matrix or potentially interfering substance in 8 biothreat agent detection applications. 9 10 2.0 Scope 11 This standard applies to 1) soils used as a sample matrix in site assessments and in 12 evaluation of biothreat agent decontamination and remediation procedures, and 2) soils 13 used as a source of potentially interfering substances for the testing and evaluation or 14 validation of biothreat agent detection methods and systems. 18 inhibition, interference, and cross-reactivity from soil components to determine the 19 reliability and/or suitability of the method or system in the presence of these 20 environmental factors. It is also imperative that methods used for site assessments 21 To provide guidance on standardization of practices for the collection, 15 16 17 3.0 Purpose It is essential to evaluate a candidate biothreat agent detection method or system for

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