SPIFAN Chlorates ERP 11-9-21 (OMB Review)

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Jay Gandhi, PhD

Metrohm USA, Inc. 9250 Camden Field Parkway, Riverview, FL 33578 Biography of Jay Gandhi Name:

Jay Gandhi, PhD

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Vertical Market Manager

Metrohm USA 1455 East Same Houston Pkwy South Ste 170 Pasadena, TX 77503

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jayesh.gandhi@metrohmusa.com Dr. Gandhi brings 35+ years of proficiency with virtually all analytical instrumentation and the techniques of Environmental, Petrochemical and Pharmaceutical testing and research. In his distinguished career, here are few highlights of his achievements 1. 1992-1993 – He received a recognition from DuPont Company as non-DuPont employee for completing Recycled Vinyl Acetate project from conception to completion in record 10 months. This saved DuPont $12 million per year. 2. 1994-1998 – At Varian Inc., He received several awards as exemplary employee for outstanding customer service. 3. 2001 – At NASA being a principal investigator for Mars Exploration project , received several awards for Recycling of Water in Space project and several safety awards. 4. Since 2002 - He has shepherded several ASTM and USEPA methods, for example USEPA method 332.0 for “Perchlorate Analysis in water by ICMS” , USEPA Method 218.7 for “Analysis of Hexavalent Chromium in Drinking Water” 5. Since 2003, Dr. Gandhi is a non-paid adjunct faculty at University of Houston- Clearlake where he enjoys guiding graduate and post graduate students for their independent study program.

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