SPIFAN Chlorates ERP 11-9-21 (OMB Review)

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pesticides for use in medical cannabis using the requirements laid out in statute and regulation. Management of Grants and Agreements: Responsible for fiscal management and expenditures associated with various grants, and cooperatives agreements, and cooperates with other sections of the Department in the conduct of grant programs. State of Maryland, Department of Agriculture, Annapolis, MD Supervisory Chemist, State Chemist Section 2002 - 2016 Administrative Responsibilites: Supervision and training of scientists and technicians on appropriate instrument use, chemical analyses, and evaluation. As a founding member of the QA/QC committee, responsibilities include preparation, implementation, and approval of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs); implementation of standards relative to GMP, GLP, and ISO accreditations. Analytical Responsibilities: Analyses include sample preparation, method determination, validation, and implementation. Lead investigator for non-routine pesticide and mycotoxin analyses in foods, and animal feeds. Other investigations include complex and non-routine formulation analyses and biological analyses of large animal feeds and feed ingredients. All investigations require data analyses and technical reports; proficient with SAS, SPSS, and Excel packages and experiment-specific VBA codes. Instrument Responsibilities: Principal scientist responsible for the provision of technical evaluation, calibration, repair and all other phases of analytical instrument maintenance in all laboratories. Division instruments include GC, GC-MS, HPLC, ASE, CE, RT-PCR, Gel Electrophoresis, UV-Vis, and assorted detectors (e.g., photodiode array, fluorescence, Triple Quadrapole MS, FID, NPD, ECD, halogen specific). Analytical Chemical Services of Columbia, Inc., Columbia, MD Assistant Chief Chemist 1997-2002 Administrative Responsibilities: Training and supervision of all scientific staff (i.e., chemists, technicians); oversight of $500k annual laboratory budget. Other responsibilities included establishment of QA/QC protocols and laboratory safety methods. Analytical Responsibilities: Responsible for agricultural and environmental analyses which included product deformulation and product matching and non-routine analyses of food ingredients. Scientific evaluations included statistical evaluation of data, technical report writing, and method evaluation. Instrument Responsibilities: Primary scientist responsible for all analytical instruments, including GC, GC-MS, HPLC, CE, RT-PCR, Gel Electrophoresis, UV-Vis, and assorted detectors (e.g., photodiode array, fluorescence, FID, NPD, ECD, halogen specific). 1989 –1997 Administrative Responsibilities: Training and supervision of analytical science team as well as inspectors in the Food Safety and Cosmetic Divisions. Developed training protocols for inspectors relative to efficient and GLP/GMP sampling methods, entomological ecology, Department of Public Health, Frankfort KY Chemist III, Division of Laboratory Services

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