SPIFAN Chlorates ERP 11-9-21 (OMB Review)

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Andrew J. Savage 332 Tree Haven Ave. Powell, Ohio Phone (614) 900-2045

Professional Experience Laboratory Supervisor, Nestle Quality Assurance Center, 2010 - Present

I am currently working as the Supervisor of the NQAC Dublin Chemistry Contaminants Laboratory. NQAC Dublin is the largest lab in the Nestle’s global laboratory network, consisting of over 20 laboratory and testing facilities. The NQAC Contaminants laboratory performs 34 different analytical methodologies covering packaging, process, and environmental contaminants in food and packaging.

NQAC Contaminants Laboratory Analytical Methods

AOCS-Cd 29a-13 (MCPD) by GC-MS/MS Ergot Alkaloids by LC-MS/MS Tropane Alkaloids by LC-MS/MS

Glyphosate by LC-MS/MS Beta-lactams by LC-MS/MS Chlorate and Perchlorate by LC-MS/MS Quaternary Ammonium Compounds by LCMSMS

Aminoglycosides by LC-MS/MS Butadiene and Styrene by GC-MS

Cannabinoids by LC-MS/MS Acrylamide by LC-MS/MS Veterinary Drugs by LC-MS/MS Melamine and Cyanuric Acid by LC-MS/MS Mycotoxins by LC-MS/MS Patulin by LC-MS/MS Radioactivity by Gamma ray spectroscopy Furan by GC-MS Tetracyclines by LC-MS/MS Residual Solvents by GC-MS BADGE LC-FLD Bisphenol A in Food by LC-MS/MS Plasticisers in Food by GC-MS Primary Aromatic Amines by spectrophotometry Melamine in Packaging by LC-MS/MS Plasticisers by GC-MS Soil Pesticides by GC-ECD Volatile Organic Compounds by GC-MS

Pesticides by LC-MS/MS Pesticides by GC-MS/MS Polar Pesticides by LC-MS/MS 4-NPE by LC-MS/MS NQA-54.0010 USP 561 Pesticides by LC-MS/MS & GC-MS/MS Dithiocarbamates (CS2) by GC-MS EPA 524.2 VOC in Drinking Water by GC-MS

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