SPIFAN Chlorates ERP 11-9-21 (OMB Review)

Page 38

APCI Is A Gas: GC Combined With Atmospheric Pressure Chemical ionization Tandem Mass Spectrometry ; L. Slivon, V. Katona, P. Callahan, A. Savage, J. Smith, D. Smith; Chemical and Environmental Technology Workshop, 2003. Diurnal Changes in the Vertical Distribution of Trace Pollutants Over Phoenix ; C. Spicer, A. Savage, D. Joseph, C Berkowitz; 5 th Conference on Atmospheric Chemistry, 2002. Publications U.S. Patent US8663607 B2 “Ferrate(VI)-containing compositions and methods of using ferrate(VI) ” Bruce F. Monzyk, Michael J. Murphy, Chad Cucksey, F. Michael Von Fahnestock, Andrew J. Savage, David N. Clark; 2014

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