SPIFAN Chlorates ERP 11-9-21 (OMB Review)

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PhD Food Chemistry and Analysis, Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT), Faculty of Food and Biochemical Technology, Prague, Czech Republic, January 2002

MS Food Chemistry and Analysis (summa cum laude), Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT), Faculty of Food and Biochemical Technology, Prague, Czech Republic, June 1998


2020 - present: Chief Scientific Officer, US Food Division, Eurofins Scientific, Madison, WI, USA

Dr. Mastovska serves as the Chief Scientific Officer for the analysis of chemical contaminants & residues and hemp testing in the Eurofins US Food division. She provides technical oversight and support to the Eurofins US Food laboratories and represents Eurofins at scientific meetings, commitees and organizations. 2019 - present: Technical & Industrial Director – Pesticides, Office of Best Practices (OBP), Eurofins Scientific, Brussels, Belgium In addition to her CSO role in the US Food division, Dr. Mastovska serves (50% of her time) as the global pesticide residue scientific leader within Eurofins Scientific, piloting Cross-Company Team (CCT) of technical experts from Eurofins pesticide testing laboratories, spearheading global projects related to pesticide residue analysis, and providing scientific support to Eurofins laboratories and customers. 2016 - 2019: Associate Director - Research, Development and Innovation, Eurofins Food Integrity and Innovation (formerly Covance Food Solutions), Madison, WI, USA Dr. Mastovska led the global chemistry R&D and Innovation group at EFII, which was formerly Covance Food Solutions (CFS). She directed the internal development of new analytical methods, and research and adoption of new technologies to support strategic business growth objectives. Dr. Mastovska served as a scientific leader in the community and represented EFII at scientific meetings and organizations. She was a member of the EFII senior leadership team responsible for setting out the vision for the organization and operational and scientific plans.

2013-2016: Associate Scientific Director, NCFS, Covance Laboratories Inc., Madison, WI, USA 2011-2013: Lead Staff Scientist, NCFS, Covance Laboratories Inc., Madison, WI, USA 2009-2011: Senior Technical Manager, NCFS, Covance Laboratories Inc., Greenfield, IN, USA

Dr. Mastovska was responsible for development of new analytical methods and strategies for testing of chemical residues, contaminants, and adulterants in food and dietary supplements. She served as a scientific and technical resource for the Nutritional Chemistry and Food Safety (NCFS) department in this field. In addition to leading new analytical method development, she also took a lead role in identifying and solving analytical problems, and in interfacing with clients in terms of technical expertise, problem solving, and business development activities.

2002-2009: Research Chemist, USDA, Agricultural Research Service, Wyndmoor, PA, USA

Dr. Mastovska developed efficient methods for pesticide and veterinary drug residues and other chemical contaminants in food, such as acrylamide or dioxins, mainly based on advanced gas and liquid chromatographic techniques coupled with (tandem) mass spectrometry. She investigated and evaluated new analytical techniques and tools to be implemented in chemical residue analysis, and conducted successful method transfer to routine testing laboratories.

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