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Dr. Tomasz Tuzimski (Ph.D., Assoc. Prof.) Faculty of Pharmacy with Medical Analytics Division Medical University in Lublin 4A, Chodźki Street 20-093 Lublin, Poland Phone (office): (+48-81) 4487213 Fax: (+48-81) 4487208 E-mail:

About Dr. Tomasz Tuzimski: Tomasz Tuzimski is adjunct professor in Department of Physical Chemistry at Faculty of Pharmacy with Medical Analytics Division, Medical University of Lublin (Lublin, Poland). His scientific interest include the theory and application of liquid chromatography, taking into considerations optimisation of chromatographic systems for separation and quantitative analysis of analytes in multicomponent mixtures. Dr. Tuzimski was rewarded for his achievements in field of study by chromatographic methods in analytical chemistry of pesticides (series of five publications and monograph T. Tuzimski, E. Soczewiński, Retention and Selectivity of Liquid-Solid Chromatographic Systems for the Analysis of Pesticides (Retention Database) in Problems of Science, Teaching and Therapy. Medical University of Lublin, Poland, No 12, Lublin, October 2002, Medical University of Lublin: Lublin, pp. 1-219) by the Ministry of Health of Poland (individual prize). Dr. Tuzimski was also rewarded as co-author of a handbook for students “Analytical Chemistry” (ed., by R. Kocjan, PZWL, 2000 and 2002, in Polish) by Ministry of Health of the Polish Republic (team prize). Dr. Tuzimski was invited by Professor Szabolcs Nyiredy to three-month practice in the Research Institute for Medicinal Plants in Budakalász (Hungary). The investigations were financially supported by the Educational Exchange Programme between Hungary and Poland – Hungarian Scholarship Board (No. MÖB 2-13-1-44-3554/2005). He actively participated in numerous scientific symposia, where he presented his research results as oral presentations and poster presentations on 25 international meetings and 20 national scientific symposia. Dr. Tuzimski so far published 65 research papers (including 25 individual papers) in journals of high level of impact factors (total IF = 75). He is the author of articles written at the special invitations of editors of Journal Chromatography A, Journal of Liquid Chromatography and Related Technologies and Journal of Planar Chromatography – Modern TLC. Besides above-mentioned monograph, Dr. Tuzimski is the author of chapters: Use of planar chromatography in pesticide residue analysis in: Handbook of pesticides: methods of pesticide residues analysis. Edited by Leo M.L. Nollet and Hamir Singh Rathore, Boca Raton 2010, CRC Press Taylor & Francis Group, pp. 187-264; Basic principles of planar chromatography and its potential for hyphenated techniques in: High-Performance thin-layer chromatography (HPTLC). [Ed.] ManMohan Srivastava. Springer, Heidelberg 2011, pp. 247-310; Multidimensional chromatography in pesticides analysis in: Pesticides – strategies for pesticides analysis. [Ed.] Margarita Stoytcheva. InTech, Rijeka 2011, pp. 155-196; Determination of pesticides in complex samples by one dimensional (1D-), two-dimensional (2D-) and multidimensional chromatography in: Pesticides in the modern world – trends in pesticide analysis. [Ed.] Margarita Stoytcheva. InTech, Rijeka 2011, pp. 281-318; Pesticide residues in the

environment in: Pesticides: evaluation of environmental pollution. [Eds.] Leo M.L. Nollet and Hamir Singh Rathore. CRC Press Taylor & Francis Group, Boca Raton 2012, pp. 149-204, Advanced spectroscopic detectors for identification and quantification: UV- Visible, fluorescence, and infrared spectroscopy in: Instrumental thin-layer chromatography . [Ed.] Colin F. Poole. Elsevier 2015, Amsterdam, Netherlands, pp. 239- 248. He is also co-author with Prof. dr. T. Dzido of chapter: Chambers, sample application and chromatogram development in: Thin-Layer Chromatography in Phytochemistry edited by M. Waksmundzka-Hajnos, J. Sherma, T. Kowalska, Boca Raton 2008, CRC Press Taylor & Francis Group, pp. 119-174. Dr. Tuzimski is recipient of two grants from Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education (2005-2008 and 2009-2011) for the study and procedure implementation of new methods of analysis of pesticides in original samples (e.g., water, medicinal herbs, wines, food) with application of modern extraction (QuEChERS) and analytical methods combined with diode array scanning densitometry (and mass (MS) or tandem mass spectrometry (MS/MS)). Dr. Tuzimski reviewed 200 submitted research manuscripts (Journal of Chromatography A, Journal of Chromatography B, Food Chemistry, Journal of Separation Science, Journal of Chromatographic Science, Journal of AOAC Int., Journal of Planar Chromatography – Modern TLC). He taught analytical and physical chemistry exercises with second-year students of the Faculty of Pharmacy. He also was instructor in post graduate chromatographic courses for scientific research staff from Polish universities and workers from industry. He was promoter of research work of 5 masters of pharmacy and supervised the research work of 10 masters of pharmacy. He is member of Polish Pharmaceutical Society. Dr. Tomasz Tuzimski is a member of the editorial board of The Scientific World Journal/Analytical Chemistry, Advances in Analytical Chemistry, American Journal of Environmental Protection, International Journal of Biotechnology and Food Science (IJBFS), Advancement in Scientific and Engineering Research (ASER) . Dr. Tuzimski edited five Special Sections on pesticide residue analysis of Journal of AOAC International (2010, 2012, 2014, 2015 and 2016 (in press)). For CRC/Taylor & Francis Group, Dr. Tuzimski coauthored and coedited with Professor Joseph Sherma the book titled ‘ High Performance Liquid Chromatography in Pesticide Residue Analysis’ (was published in 2015) and the book ‘Determination of Target Xenobiotics and Unknown Compounds Residue in Food, Environmental and Biological Samples’ (will be published 6/15/2018 ).

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