AOAC BOD June 2018 Pre-Meeting Materials

II. 2018 Business Plan Progress Q2 F. Sustainability: New Product/Revenue Streams

Proposal The proposal is very simple: 1) expand the consulting services program to the Official Methods program for all potential method submitters; 2) expand the consulting services program to other anticipated certification programs such as the instrument certification program; and 3) create a more general consulting service program to address general analytical issues. The goal is to build on the current consulting service model where prospective customers will be offered consulting services when AOAC becomes aware of intentions to submit methods into the existing OMA program. In addition, the consulting service program could apply to all new certification programs being discussed now (instrument/equipment certification, OMA certification, application notes). Additionally, the consulting services could be employed by AOAC customers/members to resolve analytical questions and problems. These analytical questions and problems can be specific, such as which analytical methods should be used for their specific application. For example, a state lab wanting to know whether to use a plate count method or a PCR method to determine bacterial load in a given matrix. AOAC would recruit a pool of qualified contract consultants, just as it has for the current AOACRI program, but expand to a larger number of topics. It is envisioned that the contract consultants would be used on an as-needed basis just as is done with the AOACRI model. AOAC staff will coordinate the projects and assignment of contract consultants. Services to include: 1. Design and provide technical support for OMA and PTM testing protocols. 2. Design and provide technical support for planned certification programs for OMA, application notes, and instrument/equipment. 3. Technical writing services primarily related to but limited to validation manuscripts. 4. General scientific consulting related to analytical science. Potential Partners Technology providers and contract laboratories who have a variety of expertise but do not have a consulting service program themselves. Other science-based associations (that do not have a consulting service program themselves): IDF USP AOCS Potential Competition None, except independent consultants not working thru AOAC.

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