AOAC BOD June 2018 Pre-Meeting Materials

II. 2018 Business Plan Progress Q2 F. Sustainability: New Product/Revenue Streams

development, method approval processes, AOAC microbiology method validation, and expert review panels. Traditional AOAC education is in the standard slide presentation format containing overwhelming amounts of information and the reach to members and others is limited. Use of social media outlets and other technological advances allow for varying educational opportunities for varying segments of the AOAC audience. A recent recommendation by the AOAC INTERNATIONAL Board of Directors Task Force on RI Improvements supports the use of enhanced training materials in the form of narrated videos segmented into chapters. AOAC TV makes use of live and recorded broadcasting using video, enhanced streaming technology and streaming via social media (e.g., YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter) to engage AOAC members, volunteers, customers, and guests by allowing for segmented and multiple educational experiences. It also includes a podcasting component to expand the reach to the international scientific community It is envisioned that on a regular basis, AOAC could broadcast live or recorded videos and host podcasts providing instruction and information. These broadcasts and podcasts can be cataloged for future and ease of access by viewers and listeners. Depending on approved topics, technical staff, volunteers, and others would provide content for dissemination. ILM articles, Journal papers, or technical and method validation issues offer tremendous sources of topics for broadcasting and podcasting. Subscribers would also be able to recommend topics for content. Viewing and listening audience would need to subscribe to access content. Financial Expectation : Costs for production of and broadcasting live or recorded videos for future release can vary from low to high based on the streaming platform(s) used, format of content to be shared, the level of professional production required, and the interaction (if any) expected with the audience. Some social media outlets have low costs associated with video production. Podcasting costs will also range from low to moderate based on staff preparation time and using a professional audio production format. The AOAC Annual Meeting and the AOAC Mid-Year meeting also offer ideal venues for opportunities to produce video and audio for live and future broadcasting. Moreover, broadcasting and podcasting are efficient ways to expand AOAC’s reach globally and engage many more scientists who may not be aware of AOAC, and potentially draw in new members. Steps: • Program and Policies o Pricing and business plan o Flowcharts/SOPs o Topics • Marketing and communication plan

6. License certification mark to instruments/equipment

Rationale : AOAC has had requests to review and certify instruments/equipment. There are three scenarios where a certification mark for instruments could be useful and desirable:

Do Not Distribute – For Internal Use

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