AOAC BOD June 2018 Pre-Meeting Materials

Motion: Sullivan/Johnson moved/seconded approval of the DRAFT agenda as presented. Vote: PASSED UNANIMOUSLY Action Item: Postpone vote on December 2017 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes until the next Board meeting. 2. Board of Directors & Executive Office Affairs 2.1 Items from Closed Session President Benesh reported on the following actions of the Board during the closed session prior to this meeting: • Task Force on RI Process Improvements* – Chair Tony Lupo presented recommendations which were favorably received by the Board. Recommendations included automation of processes, development of training materials, and communications improvements. Action Item: Jonathan Goodwin and Tony Lupo work together on implementation of the recommendations from the Task Force on RI Process Improvements. • Horowitz Award – Jonathan Goodwin presented a proposal to award Dr. Albert Pohland the William Horowitz Award. The Horowitz Award was established in 1995 to recognize individuals who have been exemplary in their efforts to carry out the principles and ensure the accomplishment of the goals espoused by AOAC INTERNATIONAL. The award consists of lifetime membership in AOAC INTERNATIONAL, an award to be presented at the Annual Meeting and travel expenses to the meeting. Dr. Pohland was nominated by Dr. Joseph Betz. This award requires a unanimous vote by each member of the AOAC Board of Directors. The Board members in attendance approved the proposal. Action Item: Alicia Meiklejohn will facilitate an official electronic vote to capture a vote from each Board member. 2.2 Search Committee President Benesh provided an update on behalf of the Search Committee Chair, Jon DeVries. In December 2017 an offer was extended to an executive director candidate, but was declined. Along with HR Strategies Group, the Search Committee has re-posted the job opening and continued interviewing candidates. 2.3 Past President Proposal Ron Johnson made a proposal to keep former board members engaged in AOAC, in particular Past Presidents of the Association, by offering complimentary meeting registration and annual membership for those who have retired and no longer have an employer’s financial support. • Re-appointment of Dan Schmitz – The Board voted to re-appoint Dan Schmitz as Director- at-Large for a one-year term on the Board of Directors, effective June 1, 2018.

*Complete reports/presentations referenced herein are included in the “March 2018 Board Meeting Book” and are available upon request*

AOAC Board of Directors March 12, 2018 Meeting Minutes v 1

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