AOAC BOD June 2018 Pre-Meeting Materials

June 11 – 2 hr Executive Committee, Optional Full Board Dinner June 12 – Finance Committee, Closed Board Meeting, Dinner with Guests June 13 – Open Board with Staff and Guests b. Agenda Items There was a general review of agenda items and a request for any additional topics from board members. c. Guests AOAC will extend an invitation to all OA member representatives as well as potential members. The Board requested Susan Audino (Cannabis Consulting Services) be asked to join the closed session for a one hour presentation of a cannabis proposal on June 12, 2018. Action Items 1. Ask for section updates for the June meeting from Board member who attended meetings, request single slide presentations. (STAFF – June 4, 2018) 2. Prepare a personal invitation and OA membership application for the 3 interested organizations in China, send to the Dan Schmitz who will send to CIFST to distribute. (STAFF – May 23, 2018) 3. Dan Schmitz will ask CIFST if they had tried to contact CSIQ regarding GB work (since they likely would be aware that CSIQ had been asked by NHC to own the GB evaluation work), and if not, to please contact them to see if there are any overlaps or opportunities to jointly engage. (Schmitz – June 11, 2018) This meeting of the AOAC INTERNATIONAL Board of Directors was adjourned at 12:36pm EDT.

May 16, 2018 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes v.3

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