AOAC BOD June 2018 Pre-Meeting Materials

Agenda Item 4.5




TASK FORCE ON Development of Terms of Reference, Policy and Guidance for initiation and maintenance of AOAC INTERNATIONAL Sections II. MISSION: To develop Terms of Reference, Policy, and Guidance to be used and followed by AOAC INTERNATIONAL Sections to provide help for consistent operation within all sections; particularly, International sections, who may have additional challenges of distance, time zone, and language. III. RESPONSIBILITIES: (1) Outline common objectives and responsibilities for Sections, to help support the Strategic plan (2) Delineate roles, responsibilities and expectations for Sections and AOAC Staff (3) Review current AOAC “Section Operation Guidelines” and update based on experience (4) Provide guidance for development of specific regional objectives and how to gain support from AOAC Headquarters (HQ) (5) Communications: Outline method(s) and expected frequency of updates to the AOAC Board of Directors (BOD) IV. COMPOSITION AND ORGANIZATION: The Task Force shall consist of a Chair and a maximum of 6 additional members from the AOAC Membership, BOD and Staff, including members who have had experience/involvement with more than one Section, and in particular, international Sections. All Task Force members serve at the pleasure of the President. The Chair shall initially serve a one year term, at which time the mission will be reviewed by the President who will render a decision to: (a) retire the Task Force, or (b) renew the Task Force. All Task Force members are expected to actively participate in the work of the group; including, but not limited to, promptly responding to communications, attending and actively participating in meetings, and accepting and following through with assignments. V. STAFF LIAISON:

The Executive Director and/or designee shall serve as staff liaison.






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