AOAC BOD June 2018 Pre-Meeting Materials

II. 2018 Business Plan Progress Q2 E. Sustainability: Viable Contracts/Business Proposals

7. Food Fraud

Leads: Meiklejohn/Coates

Synopsis: AOAC Board members have expressed an interest in expanding AOAC’s footprint in the area of food fraud. In particular, Board members have expressed interest in non-targeted testing. The basic concept for this proposal would be to create a funded non-targeted testing OMA program. The analytical concept for non-targeted testing is different than traditional AOAC methods that detect or measure specific contaminants. It envisions that AOAC would need to survey existing non- targeted testing guidance and adopt as AOAC guidance, or revise as necessary. An advisory group would be formed to identify top priority commodities/foods. Sponsors with interests in the top priority commodities/foods would then be solicited to sponsor projects to develop standard profiles for specific commodities/foods for specific technique combination. These standard profiles could potentially be adopted as AOAC standards which sponsors would have access to and non-sponsors would pay for access.

8. Dietary Supplements Methods Development

Leads: Frazier/Coates

Synopsis: AOAC is in the final months of completing a 5-year project to create SMPRs for 25 dietary supplement ingredients, and to evaluate and adopt as many methods as possible that meet the SMPRs. AOAC and NIH/ODS staff are in discussion regarding follow-on projects that may be proposed before 4 th quarter 2018.

9. Clinical Dietary Supplements

Leads: McKenzie/Frazier/Coates

Synopsis: AOAC staff was apprised of a potential opportunity by NIH for a program to evaluate clinical test methods for dietary supplements. The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) sponsors an array of research to see how dietary supplements might affect the body and tests their use in clinical trials. In fiscal year 2011, NCCIH supported approximately 200 research projects studying dietary supplements. Among these projects was an RFP for “Validation Studies of Analytical Methods for Dietary Supplements and Natural Products”. AOAC is considering preparation of a proposal to satisfy the RFP.

AOAC Board of Directors June 12-13, 2018

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