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Official Methods of Analysis SM (OMA) Expert Review Panel MEETING AND METHOD REVIEW GUIDANCE

Reviewing Methods (Cont’d)

• Reviewers shall conduct in‐depth review of method and any supporting information. • In‐depth reviews are completed electronically via the method review form. The method review form must be completed and submitted by the deadline date as provided. • All reviews will be discussed during the Expert Review Panel meeting. • Any ERP member can make the motion to adopt or not to adopt the method. • If the method is adopted for AOAC First Action status, Expert Review Panel members must track and present feedback on assigned First Action Official Methods . • Recommend additional feedback or information for Final Action consideratio n. Here are some questions to consider during your review based on your scientific judgment: 1. Does the method sufficiently follow the collaborative study protocol? 2. Is the method scientifically sound and can be followed? 3. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the method? 4. How do the weaknesses weigh in your recommendation for the method? 5. Will the method serve the community that will use the method? 6. What additional information may be needed to further support the method? 7. Can this method be considered for AOAC First Action OMA status? Reaching Consensus during Expert Review Panel Meeting 1. Make your Motion. 2. Allow another member to Second the Motion. 3. The Chair will state the motion and offer the ERP an option to discuss the motion. 4. The Chair will call a vote once deliberations are complete. 5. Methods must be adopted by unanimous decision of ERP on first ballot, if not unanimous, negative votes must delineate scientific reasons. Negative voter(s) can be overridden by 2/3 of voting ERP members after due consideration. 6. All other motions will require 2/3 majority for vote to carry.

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Version 1 – OMA ERP Meeting Conduct

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