AOAC-RI ERP Book - Solids in Syrups


AOAC Expert Review Panels An Orientation

Deborah McKenzie רב Sr. Dir., Standards Development AOAC INTERNATIONAL Sr. Dir., AOAC Research Institute Staff Liaison ‐ Official Methods Board

AOAC Method Approval Programs

AOAC INTERNATIONAL d ff l • A ministers O icia Met o s program based on AOAC  standards development activity • Adoption of methods as Official  Methods  is contingent upon  standards development activities • No application fee required to  b it th d i t su m me o s n response o  Call for Methods • Method submissions coincide  with standards development  activities h d SM

AOAC Research Institute d ff l • A ministers O icia Met o s SM program based on individual  submissions • Sole source and individual  method submissions • Application fee required h d SM


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