SPIFAN Expert Review Panel (ERP) Info to OMB (July 11, 2023)

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EXPERT REVIEW PANEL Stakeholder Program on Infant Formula and Adult Nutritionals (SPIFAN) DOCUMENTS REVIEW

July 11, 2023

AOAC INTERNATIONAL 2275 Research Blvd. Ste. 300 Rockville, MD, 20850

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July 11, 2023


AOAC Official Methods Board (OMB)

FROM: Delia Boyd, Senior Manager SUBJECT: AOAC SPIFAN Nutrients Expert Review Panel (ERP)

Background: In accordance with the policy for AOAC Official Methods SM First Action, an expert review panel has been assembled to review methods submitted into the AOAC SPIFAN process for priority nutrients. AOAC staff has collected CVs and they are on file at AOAC in accordance with the revised ERP policies and procedures. A proposal for additional members to the AOAC SPIFAN Expert Review Panel is submitted for your consideration.

The attached package contains the following information: CVs for all proposed candidate(s)

 List of Expert Review Panel (ERP) members  Balance of Perspectives  CV of additional member

This expert review panel operates under AOAC policies and procedures. Each expert is required to sign the AOAC Volunteer Acceptance Form which includes adherence to the AOAC policy for Volunteer Conflict of Interest, Antitrust and Use of Association Name, Letterhead and Logo. These documents will be enforced by the Expert Review Panel chair and facilitated by AOAC staff. We request the OMB to review and confirm the expertise of the proposed candidate, also reviewing the balance of the panel as well as the conflicts of interest of proposed members. FYI, Jonathan Draher is currently a member of the AOAC SPIFAN Contaminants Expert Review Panel and a working group member for the requested nutrient (fatty acids at the sn -2 position of triacylglycerol molecules). This Expert Review Panel is scheduled to meet “Virtually” on July 25, 2023. Your review and approval of the panel is requested. Please address questions regarding the attached package to me and thank you for your consideration. Recommendation: To add name(s) for vetting SPIFAN Nutrients Expert Review Panel (ERP)

1. Esther Campos-Gimenez

Société des Produits Nestlé

Addition Addition

2. Jonathan Draher

Abbott Nutrition

AOAC INTERNATIONAL Stakeholder Program on Infant Formula & Adult Nutritionals (SPIFAN) Nutrients Expert Review Panels (ERP) July 11, 2023 NUTRIENT PANEL

1. Darryl Sullivan (ERP Chair) 2. Sean Austin (FOS/GOS Only) Esther Campos Giménez Christophe Fuerer

Eurofins US

Société des Produits Nestlé

3. Sneh Bhandari 4. Hans Cruijsen

Independent Consultant


Martine van Gool

5. Brendon Gill

Fonterra Cooperative Abbott Nutrition

6. Jonathan Draher (New member) Philip Haselberger (HMO Only) Karen Schimpf

7. Estela Kneeteman 8. Maria Ofitserova


Pickering Labs

9. Shay Phillips


Thomas Vennard

10. Melissa Phillips Kate Rimmer 12. David Woollard 13. Jinchuan Yang 11. Yannis Vrasidas (HMO Only)



Independent Consultant Waters Corporation

Jonathan R. Draher

1172 Harrison Pond Dr. New Albany, OH 43054 (614) 282-5195, jonathan.draher@abbott.com

Professional Objective As a successful analytical chemist with 19 years of experience in the nutrition industry, I have shown to be a capable method developer and subject matter expert in mass spectrometry detection coupled to both liquid and gas chromatography. My experience with managing projects including an AOAC multi-lab study shows my ability to collaborate with laboratories globally and deliver results on a tight timeline. I am currently searching for opportunities to grow my knowledge and contribute to the analytical research community in a greater capacity. Experience Abbott Nutrition - Columbus, Ohio Senior Scientist, Global Analytical & Food Safety, 2017 to Current • Primarily responsible for analytical method development. Specializing in Mass Spectrometry. • Global SME for contaminants and nutrients including Furans, Melamine, Tryptophan, and Lipids. • Responsible for operation and maintenance of LC-MS and GC-MS instruments. • Provide analytical support for medical safety requests, sensory evaluations, and product development requests. • Collaborated on research projects with Tufts University Sensory and Science Center and Advion Inc. • Study Director for tryptophan SLV and MLT studies that resulted in AOAC method acceptance as Final Action status. • Author of multiple Abbott Nutrition internal methodologies including methods detecting furans and sensory taint and malodor compounds. • Participated in numerous internal method development and validation projects as a co-author. • Conducted method review for AOCS Codex STAN 234 Fats and Oils methods review. Scientist , Global Analytical & Food Safety, 2013 – 2017 • Primary responsibilities for LCMS method development for contaminants and nutrients. • Developed internal method to detect anions in potable water using LCMS. • Developed internal method to detect nine nitrogenous economic adulterants in milk-based ingredients. • Presented posters at numerous scientific conferences including ASMS and AOAC annual conferences. • Developed internal methodology for the simultaneous determination of inositol, choline, and carnitine in infant formula and adult nutritionals. • Received AN President’s Award for developing a method for the determination of DCD in milk-based ingredients. • Responsible for training and transfer of analytical methodology to global sights throughout the AN network Associate Scientist , Global Analytical & Food Safety, 2008 – 2013 • Assisted in method development of VOC’s in infant formula, adult nutritionals, and ingredients by GC-MS. • Responsible for maintenance and troubleshooting of multiple GC-MS systems. • Conducted method training and support for in house GC-MS analytical methods. • Authored or co-authored numerous internal technical papers detailing experiments to support all areas of the business. • Attended multi-day vendor training sessions on GC-MS and LC-MS operation and troubleshooting, and the interpretation of mass spectra. Laboratory Analyst , Global Analytical & Food Safety, 2000 – 2008 • Trained to execute suite of routine methods for amino acid determination in all Abbott Nutrition products. • Trained to execute suite of routine method for vitamin determination in all Abbott Nutrition products. • Participated in method improvement and validation projects. • Attended both off-site and in-house training sessions on HPLC operation and troubleshooting. • Gained valuable understanding of GLP and ISO laboratory practices for QC laboratories. • Consistently produced quality data used to release product and verify label claims. • Trained to operate over 30 different Abbott Nutrition analytical methods.

Jonathan R. Draher

Specialized Skills Analytical Skills - Gas Chromatography, Liquid Chromatography, Ion Chromatography, Mass Spectrometry ESI, APCI, EI, ToF, UV-Visible Spectroscopy, Fluorescence Spectroscopy, pH meter, analytical balance, titrations. Software- Chromeleon, Empower, MassLynx, Chemstation, UNIFI, Progenesis QI, NIST Mass Spectral Library, AMDIS, SciFinder, JMP, MiniTab, Microsoft Office.

Applications- Access, Word, Power Point, Outlook, Notes Society Memberships : AOAC International, ASMS, AOCS


Ohio Dominican University , Columbus, Ohio Bachelor of Science in Chemistry Publications

• Draher, J., Pound, V., Reddy, T., (2014) Validation of a rapid method of analysis using ultrahigh performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry for nitrogen-rich adulterants in nutritional food ingredients. Journal of Chromatography A. 1373 106-113. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.chroma.2014.11.019 • Draher, J., Cellar N., Ehling, S., Reddy, T., Henion, J., Sousou, N. (2016) Determination of emerging nitrogenous economic adulterants in milk proteins by high-performance liquid chromatography/compact mass spectrometry. Rapid Communication in Mass Spectrometry. 30(11) 1265-1272. 10.1002/rcm.7568 • Draher, J., White, N. (2018) HPLC Determination of Total Tryptophan in Infant Formula and Adult/Pediatric Nutritional Formula Following Enzymatic Hydrolysis: Single-Laboratory Validation, First Action 2017.03. Journal of AOAC International. 101(4) 1244-1248. 10.5740/jaoacint.2017.03 • Draher, J. (2019) HPLC Determination of Total Tryptophan in Infant Formula and Adult/Pediatric Nutritional Formula Following Enzymatic Hydrolysis, Multilaboratory Testing Study: Final Action 2017.03. Journal of AOAC International. 102(5) 1567-1573. 10.5740/jaoacint.18-0399 Presentations • “Determination of emerging nitrogenous economic adulterants in milk proteins by HPLC/Compact Mass Spectrometry.” American Society for Mass Spectrometry (ASMS) Annual Meeting, Baltimore, MD, June 2014. • “Development of an HPLC-MS method for the analysis of anion in water.” AOAC Annual Conference Los Angeles, CA, September 2015 • “Determination of free choline, free carnitine, and myo-inositol by LC-MS/MS.” ASMS Annual Meeting, San Antonio, TX, June 2016 • “Use of novel column chemistry to analyze anions and arsenic species by HPLC-MS/MS.” Abbott Nutrition Technical Exchange (ANTE), Columbus, OH, October 2016 • “Furan release study: Comparison of in home prepared powder samples vs. as sold powder samples.” ANTE, Columbus, OH, October 2017

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ERP Members by Region


Netherlands 10%

New Zealand 10%

South America 5%

US 60%

Switzerland 15%

ERP Members by Perspective


Academia 0%

CRO 15%

Government 15%

Industry 70%

Review of AOAC SPIFAN Members e-Ballot July 11, 2023

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Deadline date is July 18, 2023

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