2016 Candidate Award Listing for OMB Review

AOAC INTERNATIONAL  Official Methods Board 

2016 Candidate Award Listing for OMB Review 

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AOAC INTERNATIONAL (Technical and Scientific Excellence Award)

Person Making Nomination Team Nominee

Method/Project Title

Project Summary

Rationale for Nomination

The Allergen WG has established an SMPR for detection  of milk, peanut, whole egg and hazelnut using MS  technology. The SMPR was approved by the SPSFAM  Stakeholder Panel at the 2016 Mid‐Year meeting.

Erin Crowley

SPSFAM Allergen Working  Group

Standard Method Performance  Requirements (SMPR) for Detection  and Quantitation of Selected Allergens

This group worked diligently between the annual  meeting in 2015 until the mid‐year meeting to identify  critical needs for allergen detection methods using  mass spec technology. This group is diverse in  perspective, encompassing representation from  regulators, food companies, industry and international  organizations. They have set a precedent for future  working groups to establish acceptance criteria for  assays that detect allergens using highly sensitive and robust  technologies



ERP Chairs

OMB Liaisons

ERP for Dietary Starch Methods

Lars Reimann

Bhandari, Sneh; Szpylka John

ERP for Dietary Supplements ‐ Ashwagandha,  Folin C, and Kratom Methods

Sullivan, Darryl

Phillips, Tom; Szpylka, John

ERP for Dietary Supplements ‐ Chondroitin,  PDE5, and Anthocyanins Methods

Schaneberg, Brian

Phillips, Tom; Szpylka, John

ERP for Fertilizer Methods

Hall, Bill

Roman, Shauna

ERP for Food Allergens ‐ Gluten Methods

Koerner, Terry; Pan, Shang‐Jing 

Boison, Joe

ERP for Microbiology Methods for Food and  Environmental Surfaces ERP for SPIFAN Pesticide Contaminant  Methods ERP for SPIFAN Nutrient Methods ERP for SPSFAM Heavy Metals Methods ERP for PAH Methods

Brodsky, Michael; McMahon, Wendy Salfinger, Yvonne; Crowley, Erin

Tom Phillips

Phillips, Tom; Cook, Jo Marie

Sullivan, Darryl

Boison, Joe; Cook, Jo Marie; Phillips, Tom

Sullivan, Darryl

Bhandari, Sneh; Roman, Shauna

Reba, Rick

Bhandari, Sneh

ERP for Veterinary Drug Residue Methods

Boison, Joe

Boison, Joe

AOAC INTERNATIONAL (2016 OMB Technical Service Awards Nominees)


Nominee #1

Nominee #2 

Nominee #3

Name of Nominee

Scott Christiansen

Robert Rankin

Patrice Arbault

Nominee's Affiliation

Perrigo Nutrition

Infant Nutrition Council of America ‐ Kellen  Company 


Nominee's Title

QC Director

Assoc Director


Nominee's Email Address




a. Has the nominee provided guidance on the development of standards and methods in addition to safety, statistical, technical matters, or process expertise? b. Has the nominee been instrumental in developing, modifying standards or validating a high quality method(s) for publication in the Official Methods of Analysis? c. Has the nominee communicated related activities through the appropriate channels, either through the stakeholder panel/working groups/expert review panels/community chairs, the Committee on Statistics or Safety or through the Chief Scientific Officer or other staff d i ? d.  Has the nominee contributed significantly to AOAC INTERNATIONAL over a period of years with other  accomplishments related to his/her area of expertise (e.g  symposium presentations, poster presentations,  publications, workshops, meetings)? e. Has the nominee contributed to the development and improvement of AOAC INTERNATIONAL standards, guidelines, OMA methods, statistics or safety programs? f. Has the nominee helped to guide AOAC in the decision‐ making process to make the organization a leader in voluntary consensus standards development and analytical science?



















AOAC INTERNATIONAL (2016 OMB Technical Service Awards Nominees)

Written recommendations and supporting information must  be submitted. Please provide a recommendation in support  of your nomination.  Also, if you answered "YES"  to any of  the above, please provide details in support of your  nomination and recommendation.

I have known Patrice for about 15 years through  my involvement with AOAC and IAFP. He has  been actively involved in AOAC activities as a  developer, presenter and moderator for  numerous symposia at many AOAC Annual  meetings. He is an active member of the ERP for  Microbiology, ISPAM and chair‐elect of the RI  Board of Directors. Patrice is both a colleague  and a friend and I am honored to nominate him  as a most deserving candidate for the Technical  Service Award. MICHAEL BRODSKY, ERP CHAIR, FORMER  WORKING GROUP CHAIR IN ISPAM, FORMER  OMB CHAIR, AND FORMER PRESIDENT OF AOAC  INTERNATIONAL

Robert was instrumental in the success of the  MLV studies that have been performed under  SPIFAN.  Seven of these methods have been  approved by Codex as Type II ‐ Dispute resolution  methods ‐ and there are 15 more in progress.

Scott is a charter member of the SPIFAN ERP.  He  has attended every meeting and been totally  prepared.  He performs extremely thorough  method reviews, and he is timely in completing  these reviews.  He makes very focused and  succinct comments during ERP meetings, and the  entire panel respects his observations and  reviews.  He is timely. professional, and extremely  detailed. Scott is one of the volunteers that have made the  AOAC SPIFAN ERP extremely successful. DARRYL SULLIVAN, SPIFAN  & SPDS CHAIR, ERP  CHAIR, BOARD OF DIRECTORS

Without Robert's leadership ‐ these projects  would never have been completed.

Name & Title of Nominator


Nominator's Affiliation 




AOAC INTERNATIONAL (Methods OMB Reviewed in 2014)

AOAC OMA # OMA Method Title

OMB Awards Received Previously

Other AOAC Recognition Previous Reviewers

2016 Reviewers

AOAC 2013.01 Salmonella in a Variety of Foods AOAC 2013.02 Salmonella in a Variety of Foods

Crowley Crowley

Cocoa Flavanols and Procyanidins (DP 1‐10) in Cocoa Containing  Ingredients Catechin and Epicatechin Enantiomers in Cocoa‐Based Ingredients and  Products

AOAC 2013.03


AOAC 2013.04


(2014 Multi‐Laboratory Study of the Year ‐  Chemistry)

AOAC 2013.05 Aflatoxins B1, B2, G1, and G2 in Olive Oil, Peanut Oil, and Sesame Oil

Cook/Phillips Cook/Boison Phillips/Siegel

AOAC 2013.06 Arsenic, Cadmium, Mercury, and Lead in Foods

AOAC 2013.07 Nicarbizin in Chicken Tissues AOAC 2013.08 Ricin on Nonporous Surfaces AOAC 2013.09 Salmonella in Selected Foods

Phillips Crowley

(2014 Multi‐Laboratory Study of the Year –  Microbiology – joint with 2013.11)

AOAC 2013.10 Listeria in a Variety of Foods and Environmental Surfaces


(2014 Multi‐Laboratory Study of the Year –  Microbiology – joint with 2013.10)

AOAC 2013.11 Listeria monocytogenes in a Variety of Foods AOAC 2013.12 Carbohydrates in Wine and Wine‐Like Beverages


Pan Pan

AOAC 2013.13 Folate in Infant Formula and Adult/Pediatric Nutritional Formula

(2014 Award for Scientific and Technical  Excellence for co –authors)

AOAC 2013.14 Salmonella from Colony Picks

Crowley Roman

AOAC 2013.15 St. John's Wort ‐ manuscript not published

AOAC INTERNATIONAL (Methods OMB Reviewed in 2015)

OMB Awards Received Previously Other AOAC Recognition

AOAC OMA # OMA Method Title

Previous Reviewers

2016 Reviewers

AOAC 2014.01 Salmonella in Selected Foods


Vitamin B12 in Infant Formula and Adult/Pediatric  Formulas

Siegel Boison

AOAC 2014.02

AOAC 2014.03 Gluten in Rice  Flour and Baked Rice Products

Choline/Carnitine in Infant Formulas and Adult  Nutritional Products

AOAC 2014.04


Nominated for 2016 Method of  the Year by ERP Chair


AOAC 2014.05 Enumeration of Yeast and Mold in Food

Listeria species in Selected Foods and Environmental  Surfaces Listeria monocytogenes in Selected Foods and  Environmental Surfaces

AOAC 2014.06


AOAC 2014.07



AOAC 2014.08 Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) in Seafood (2015 Method of the Year)

Residues of 653 Multiclass Pesticides and Chemical Pollutants in Tea

(2015 Method of the Year)


AOAC 2014.09

AOAC 2014.10 Dietary Starch in Animal Feeds and Pet Food


Vitamin B12 in Infant and Pediatric Formulas and Adult Nutritionals Myo‐Inositol (Free and Bound as  Phosphatidylinositol) in Infant and Pediatric Formula  and Adult Nutritionals Chromium, Selenium, and Molybdenum in Infant Formula and Adult Nutritional Products 13‐cis and all‐trans Vitamin A Palmitate (Retinyl  Palmitate), Vitamin A Acetate (Retinyl Acetate), and Total Vitamin E (dl‐α‐Tocopherol and dl‐α‐ Tocopherol Acetate) in Infant Formula and Adult  Nutritionals Determination of Labeled Fatty Acids Content in Milk Products and Infant Formula

Nominated for 2016 Method of  the Year by ERP Chair


AOAC 2011.10

(none recorded)

AOAC 2011.18

Roman Roman

AOAC 2011.19

AOAC 2011.20 Nucleotides in Infant Formula


AOAC 2012.10


AOAC 2012.13

AOAC INTERNATIONAL (Methods OMB to Review in 2016)

AOAC OMA # OMA Method Title

OMB Awards Received Previously Other AOAC Recognition

AOAC 2015.01 Heavy Metals in Food AOAC 2015.02 Sodium Monofluoroacetate in Dairy Powders AOAC 2015.03 Sodium Fluoroacetate in Infant Formula AOAC 2015.04 Monofluoroacetate in Powdered Nutritional Products

AOAC 2015.05 Partially Hydrolyzed Gluten in Fermented Cereal‐Based Products AOAC 2015.06 Minerals and Trace Elements in Infant Formula and Adult Nutritionals AOAC 2015.07 Chloride in Infant Formula AOAC 2015.08 Chloride in Infant Formula and Adult/Pediatric Nutritional Formula AOAC 2015.09 Vitamin K1 in Infant, Pediatric, and Adult Nutritionals AOAC 2015.10 Choline and Carnitine in Infant Formula and Adult Nutritionals AOAC 2015.11 Chondroitin Sulfate Content in Raw Materials and Dietary Supplements AOAC 2015.12 Phosphodiesterase Type 5 Inhibitors in Dietary Ingredients and Supplements AOAC 2015.13 Enumeration of Aerobic Bacteria in Food AOAC 2015.14 Total Vitamins B1, B2, and B6 in Infant Formula and Related Nutritionals AOAC 2015.15 Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium Release Patterns in Controlled ‐Release Fertilizers AOAC 2015.16 Gluten in Processed and Nonprocessed Corn Products AOAC 2015.17 Estimation of Withanolides in Withania somnifera AOAC 2015.18 Phosphorus and Potassium in Commercial Inorganic Fertilizers AOAC 2013.02 Gram Positive Microbial Identification AOAC 2012.15 Total Iodine in Infant Formula and Adult/Pediatric Nutritional Formula AOAC 2012.16 Pantothenic acid in Infant Formula and Adult/Pediatric Nutritional Formula AOAC 2012.25 Triphenylmethane Dyes and Their Metabolites in Aquaculture Products AOAC 2013.01 Salmonella in a Variety of Foods and Environmental Surfaces AOAC 2013.02 Salmonella species in a Variety of Foods AOAC 2013.09 Salmonella in Selected Foods AOAC 2013.10 Listeria in a Variety of Foods and Environmental Surfaces AOAC 2013.11 Listeria monocytogenes in Variety of Foods AOAC 2013.14 Identification of Salmonella spp. From Colony Picks

ERP Chair Nomination for 2016 Method of the Year

ERP Chair Nomination for 2016 Method of the Year

ERP Chair Nomination for 2016 Method of the Year

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