AOAC BOD June 2018 Pre-Meeting Materials

II. 2018 Business Plan Progress Q2 F. Sustainability: New Product/Revenue Streams

2. License a service mark for Official Methods of Analysis. Rationale : The Performance Tested Methods (PTM) certification mark is an important marketing tool for both the company and AOAC. Some companies submit to the PTM program in addition to the Official Methods of Analysis (OMA) because the PTM program has a certification mark the companies can use in advertisements. There is no certification mark for OMA-approved methods. We think an OMA-certification mark would be useful to companies to promote their methods. Financial Expectation : Using the AOAC Research Institute model: set application fees at $15K for OAs and $20K for non-OAs; and annual renewal fees at $3k for OAs and $5K for non-OAs. Estimate 10 - 20 application fees per year and 80% renewal fees. Estimate same per unit cost and therefore same 10% net income as PTM model. 1 st year income ≈ $150K. 2 nd year income ≈ $174K. 3 rd year income ≈ $198K. Steps: • Gauge interest • Program and Policies o Pricing and business plan o Flowcharts/SOPs • Legal o Draft license agreement Rationale : The Official Methods of Analysis (OMA) product is a two-volume compendium of ca. 3000 methods for many analytes in many matrixes. This is fine for all-purpose libraries, but most laboratories would use a small fraction of the methods in the OMA. Also, manuscripts describing the validation results are not in the OMA compendia, but must be retrieved from the Journal of the AOAC International . It stands to reason that a more focused, stand-alone collection of Standard Performance Requirements (SMPRs), methods, validation manuscripts, articles, relevant technical manuscripts and presentation would be a very useful addition for laboratory libraries. It is envisioned that the product would be provided in electronic form with a print-on-demand option. Start with infant formula, dietary supplements, and food panel topics. Include a helpline and user feedback Financial Expectations : Cost – Minimum costs are anticipated. AOAC owns copyrights to most of the materials to be included; and materials are already formatted for publication. Estimate $5,000 production cost per stand-alone products. Assuming 3 topics = $15,000 investment. o Develop a certification mark o Mark/service registration • Marketing and communication plan 3. Rebrand and Repackage Official Methods of Analysis

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