AOAC BOD June 2018 Pre-Meeting Materials

1.2 Review of Policy Statements The Board’s attention was called to the Association’s Bylaws and the Policies of Antitrust, Use of Association Name and Logo, and Conflict of Interest. President Benesh announced that the business of the Board meeting would be conducted in accordance to these policies. 1.3 Approval of December 13, 2017 DRAFT Agenda President Benesh presented the DRAFT Agenda for the December 13, 2017 Board of Directors Meeting. Motion: Sullivan/DeVries moved/seconded approval of the DRAFT Agenda as presented, with the request that AOAC staff members provide updates on future business prospects during agenda item 7: Midyear Meeting Preview/Stakeholder Panel Updates. Vote : PASSED UNANIMOUSLY 1.4 Approval of Past Meeting Minutes President Benesh presented past meeting minutes for review and approval. Motion: DeVries/Sullivan moved/seconded approval of the September 25, 2017 Board of Directors meeting minutes with a spelling correction in item 2.2. Vote: PASSED UNANIMOUSLY 2 Board of Directors & Executive Office Affairs 2.1 Executive Session Report The Board met in Executive Session on December 13, 2017. President Benesh summarized topics discussed during the meeting. Benesh mentioned the Board chose June 12-13, 2018, for the summer meeting. They also discussed AOAC’s international relationships, and the executive director search. Action Item: Benesh requested Jonathan Goodwin lead the staff in designing a dashboard template for slides for departmental/project reports at future Board meetings. 2.2 Finance Committee Report Jon DeVries, Treasurer, presented the Finance Committee Report, Treasurer. The Finance Committee met immediately prior to this meeting. In the nine months ending September 30, 2017, the Association experienced an accrual basis net gain of $182,135 on income of $4,378,970 and expenses of $4,196,835. DeVries explained that AOAC has incurred several unbudgeted expenses in 20017, including legal fees and search firm costs. Motion: DeVries/Cook moved/seconded cashing out $200,000 from the equity side of the Association reserve accounts to pay for the extra costs incurred in 2017. Vote : PASSED UNANIMOUSLY

*Complete reports/presentations referenced herein are included in the “December 2017 Board Meeting Book” and are available upon request*

AOAC Board of Directors December 13, 2017 Meeting Minutes

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