Contemporary Resume

Sneh Bhandari

Chemistry Research & Development Director, Silliker Laboratories, 3600 Eagle Nest Drive, Crete, IL 60417.

Current Position

Experience Since May, 1997

Silliker Laboratories

Crete, IL

Chemistry Research Director • Direct & Manage the chemistry research and serves as a resource to the Silliker clients to resolve their analytical issues. • Working with corporate to plan budget, growth and development of the department. • Write proposals to justify research studies. Create research reports to summarize the findings and discuss those in relation to the objective and existing knowledge. • Design research studies, experiments and protocols. Work with in guidelines of ISO 17025. • Work with National & International Agencies to lead efforts in improving method of food, dietary supplement analysis • Fellow of AOAC. Expert review panel and strategic committee member for AOAC SPIFAN program. • Chair AOCS Analytical Division. • Member Chromatography Division, AOCS • Help clients about regulatory guide lines (FDA, USDA) including nutritional labeling. • Wrote a chapter on food hazards resulting from environmental, industrial and agricultural contaminants. • Made various presentations at professional and scientific meetings including AOAC, IFT, AOCS etc. • Managed special projects like stability testing, method validation including studies to fill in the gaps cited in FDA form 483 and other audits. • Helped clients to study oil authenticity and also oil adulteration. • Served on various AOAC Expert Review Panels and Stakeholder Panels. • AOAC Technical Committee member for Additives (2004-2007). • Was involved in EPR for vitamin E analysis in dietary supplements (AOAC task force; FDA/NIH ). • Develop and write SOPs, Policies and the method protocols to be used in routine functions of the lab. • Validated HPLC/GC methods to analyze various nutritionally important food analytes, i.e.,tocopherols, tocotrienols, vit K, nutraceuticals, capsaicin, cholesterol & phytosterols. sugars, sugar alcohols etc.


Silliker Laboratories

Chicago Heights, IL

Research Manager • Managed Research Department.

• Developed and validated various new HPLC methods for analysis including B-lactam antibiotics in milk, vitamin K analysis using post-column, derivatization, iodine by by ion-chromatography with PAD, amino acids analysis, hydroxy-citric acid, benzocaine, resorcinol, carotenoids, ginginosides, aspartamae and its degradatory products. • Participated in AOAC collaborative study on ethoxyquin.


Silliker Laboratories

Chicago Heights, IL

Method Development Specialist • Managed and supervised instrumental and vitamin dept.

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