AOAC Awards Program Policy Documents 4/2020

Section 14


Purpose The purpose of this statement is to establish an Association awards policy, including goal and objectives, and to document the awards covered by the policy. Background The Task Force on Review of Awards Programs was established in June 1992 with the mission of ensuring that the Association has a coordinated and comprehensive awards program that provides appropriate recognition of service and scientific excellence and scholarship support in areas of importance to the Association. One of the recommendations made in 1995 was to have AOAC INTERNATIONAL document all awards in one policy statement that is prefaced by a statement of the goal and objectives of the policy, thereby establishing the AOAC awards program as an integrated program to reward and encourage both scientific achievement and dedication to AOAC programs. The Board of Directors concurred. Policy 14.1 The Goal and Objectives of the Awards Program Goal The goal of the AOAC INTERNATIONAL Awards Program is to recognize contributions and encourage active participation of individuals and the scientific community in the pursuit of the goals and objectives of AOAC INTERNATIONAL. Objectives A. To recognize outstanding scientific contributions to analytical methodology and the development and maintenance of high quality analytical measurements in areas of interest to AOAC INTERNATIONAL. B. To recognize contributions to the achievement of the goals and objectives of AOAC INTERNATIONAL. C. To encourage participation of member and non-member individuals and organizations in achieving the goals and objectives of AOAC INTERNATIONAL.

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